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believe: can you believe in souls?
Posted by rabia, Jan 23, 2010. 1452 views. ID = 3125


Posted by rabia, Jan 23, 2010. 1452 views. ID = 3125
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This is the world full of unpredictable things.
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The car goes faster on the road. Alex is driving the car go for the picnic John, Jem, Armin Stephen, Lisa, marina and Natasha are the friends. They decide to go on the picnic. They are on the bus suddenly the bus tires are punctured. Bus is off the road and stop.
‘What happens?’ said John.
‘The tires are punctured, unfortunately two’ said Alex.
‘Oh my God what we do in this danger place’ Natasha said. She thinking the thieves can be come here.
‘Hey wait I can go to find any safe place. Jem starts running. After an hour the Jem came. ‘Did you find some place’ Alex said.
‘Yes there is a house as twenty minutes walking distance from here’.
‘Let’s go there we can’t safe here. If we stay here we are the danger of robber’ Natasha said.
‘Okay carry out the luggage’ Stephen said.
They come near to the house. It was pink painted having yellow windows and brown color door.
‘Wow, great house. We can stay here.’
‘No we can’t stay here. This house is unsafe for us see this circle’ Lisa said.
‘She is right this circle is trapping circle of evils. Which means evil souls are trapped in this house’ Armin said
‘Cmon I don’t believe in such stupid things’ Natasha said angrily.
‘Hey please this is serious matter’ Armin said.
‘We can stay here. Please Lisa and Alex cooperate with us’ Jem try to persuade them.
‘No please, we stay here in the garden if you want to enter into the house then its your will’ Lisa said.
‘You both are not agreeing. Okay I can prove you there is nothing about souls. Its all stories, we can stay here tonight. If something not happen to us then you came to stay in the house’ Alex said.
‘Okay fine, I agree to your suggestion but I warn you’ Armin said.
‘Doesn’t worry, nothing happen wrong with us’ say Alex.
They enter into the house .the house is clean there are so much symbols on the walls. In the center there is golden color statue. ‘Hey look at this statue it is so beautiful’ said Alex.
‘Now its time to go to bed and in the morning I can prove them there is nothing like souls, its all fake’ said Alex.
Natasha was going to bed. When she rest on the bed his muffler pushing her neck. Natasha tries to release from her neck but in vain. After a few second she died on her bed. The marina goes into the room and try to sleep suddenly the objects in the room is flying and the knife near the marina table up and slash the marina’s heart. Alex is waking he listen the noise. ‘Who is it?’ he says. The shadow passed through out the door. Alex stood up and come to the corridor suddenly his whole body take off in the air his head strike on the roof of the house. Suddenly he fell down in the floor and blood flew out from his nose and ear. Stephen is sleeping in the room the smoke comes towards her room he feels disturb and wake. He saw smoke is spreading in his room. He can’t breathe properly. He coughs many times smoke comes into his lung and died him. Jem is sleeping the lamp in his room fell. He wake suddenly all lights are on and his body push towards that wires having current. He tried to run but the force push it. His body is not controlled by him. His hands touch the wire; the current passed in his body and take him into death.
Armin and Lisa wake in the morning. They see the door was open and saw Alex body lay on the floor. They go into the room and see the bodies of all friends. They go outside from the house and take their dead bodies in the bus and think. Perhaps they were wrong about souls. These evil creatures take the life of our friends. Armin talk to himself ’It’s all a secret or reality having such creature like evil souls.’

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This post has been awarded 9 stars by 2 readers.
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