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The Request: These are days...
Posted by Casino, Jan 20, 2010. 1139 views. ID = 3121

The Request

Posted by Casino, Jan 20, 2010. 1139 views. ID = 3121
This post was written in 40 minutes.
I didn't know what to do with this one and then my mind just went Disney on me.
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Two bugs are having a conversation about humans. This happens all the time in the insect realm:

Can you dig all the things they think they need?


Right that's what I'm saying. Just the other night I popped in on this dude and he had antennas on a box.


You heard me. Antennas on a box. It's pathetic. Why would you do that? It's so sad that they feel the need to compensate for what they weren't born with. Another thing is wings. Have you seen the way they build these big boxes and stick wings on them and then get inside?


Yes it is ridiculous, you're right. They are so jealous of us, you know that?


I know they're a different species, but still. It's so obvious that the light, the shadow, the air, the rain, and all the colors in the rainbow are all you need.

Bzzzz! Bzzzz!

You change the subject wiseguy. What do you wanna talk about then?


Oh a request. Well allright.

Comets tails, cat's claws and dew.
It's all a point of view.
So what's it to you?
Chew on a wall.
'Specially if it's tall.
Another blade of grass for all!


You like that? Hey thanks.

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This post has been awarded 14 stars by 5 readers.
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