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perilous bugs: what happens when little creatures become powerful?
Posted by rabia, Jan 19, 2010. 1137 views. ID = 3118

perilous bugs

Posted by rabia, Jan 19, 2010. 1137 views. ID = 3118
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power can gave you something but also it can takes from you your life
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Julie lives a beautiful life but one day a little event happens that her mother founds a community of bugs under her bed. It was funny thought for her that bugs are become her room partners. They share her room. Julie has no problem with bugs. Julie’s brother Salih say that her room is a buggy room. Her mother worried for her. Julie relaxed her to say ‘they are just only cute little bugs.’ Julie feels these bugs are not like the normal bugs. They are more powerful creatures than a regular bug. She found a statue of the bug in the corner of her room. He told his brother who was a magician.
He observed and said ’its mean these bugs are more blood sucking of human being as common bug. They can kill any human within the few days.’
‘How can you sure about it’ she said.
‘Look it’s not a normal bug. There are purple lines around these bugs which means that someone read magic on these bugs to kill us’ salih said.
‘Its mean they can kill us and someone sends them to us.
‘Exactly but I can check that who was sending these bugs with my powers in an hour’ said salih.
After an hour Salih came and said’ it’s the evil spirit live near the hills. He wants our home for some work that’s why he wants to kill us.’
‘Oh no what we do’ said Julie.
‘I had a spell to burn them but the problem is I can gather all of the bugs in the middle around the candles’ Salih said.
‘I have an idea. Cut your hand and thrown the blood on the floor when they come I can light the candles and you say the spells’ said Julie.
‘Great idea do it, hurry’.
Julie and Salih cut the hands and blood flew out from the hand and fall on the floor. The bugs came out there are lot of bugs and their purple lines are lightening. Julie and Salih faster lightening the candles and speak spells. The blood on the floor spreads then shrinks started to burn bugs and last drop of blood burn the last bug. Salih stand and broke the statue of the bug.
‘Now it’s the end of these bugs’ Julie said.
‘End of the evil spirit too the statue I broke, a life of that devil’ Salih smiled.

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This post has been awarded 11 stars by 3 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: A Bug's Life

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