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dead body: what happens when you saw your own dead body
Posted by rabia, Jan 14, 2010. 898 views. ID = 3111

dead body

Posted by rabia, Jan 14, 2010. 898 views. ID = 3111
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there is an evil which can trap you whatever where you are
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Jamie is a photographer. His interests take pictures of astonish thing. He strongly believes in disturb souls, devils and witches. One day he is going to his work. A man called him’ Jamie stops for me’. Jamie turned’ you call me, how you know my name and who you are’.
‘My name is Peter. You are interested to take pictures of souls’ Man said.
‘Yes I am what can I do for you’
‘I just tell you. There is black house in near one kilometer from here. The people say that they see the dead body in that house. But when they go there they never come back’ peter said.
‘Okay I can go there and take a picture of that corpse. I am staying that house tonight’ Jamie said good bye to peter and walk towards the house. After twenty minutes he found the home and knocks the door. The door is open but there is no one found who opens the door. Jamie told himself’ it’s a good way to welcome’. On the night he started to found the corpse and then he saw a corpse is lying on the table. He quickly mover towards the body for take picture but his mouth opens, there is his dead body lying on the table. A sound hears ‘Jamie your time is over. I trap you and you come here’. Jamie realized it was a peter. He starts running toward door but the door is closed. He turns and saw the skeleton is coming towards him. Jamie takes out the picture of a body which is burnt and spells the chant. The skeleton moves backward. He ran outside the house. ‘Thanks God I am saved’ he take a deep breath and walked.

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This post has been awarded 6 stars by 2 readers.

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