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space adeventures: about an astronaught
Posted by death_shadow, Nov 14, 2007. 1255 views. ID = 311

space adeventures

Posted by death_shadow, Nov 14, 2007. 1255 views. ID = 311
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It will be a series of stories.
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I am finally going to space. I am so exited is peed my self, they are just now starting the count down. 10.......9......8.......7.......6.......5......4......3.....2......1......BLAST OFF!

There is a loud roar we are being rocketed into space. I am being pressed into my seat. It feels like an elephant is jumping up and down on my chest. My eye balls feel like they are about to explode then suddenly every thing is queit. I take off my seat belt and start to float in the air. I start doing some acrobats, when suddenly my piolet says turning on gravity. I am pritty much on the ceiling so when I fall it hurts alot.

We have been in space for a week nothing of much intres has happened. We are about half way to mercurey. Suddenly everything gose crazey and the warning lights start flashing. I look at the control board we have been hit by a chunk of rock. The presure in the space ship is droping fast I am the only one close to the suits. I quickly get into it and my partner shows up and makes it into his suit before it was to late.

Sadly the other crue members did not make it. Every thing starts to go black we are loseing oxygen fast I pass out.


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This post has been awarded 3 stars by 2 readers.

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