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One Coin in a Fountain: The meter is running.
Posted by Casino, Jan 13, 2010. 1191 views. ID = 3109

One Coin in a Fountain

Posted by Casino, Jan 13, 2010. 1191 views. ID = 3109
This post was written in 26 minutes.
I love dimes. Dimes are my favorite coin. They're silver so they're actually worth something and they flip very nicely.
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I had no idea so much trouble could be caused by one little dime. I had to take care of something a little tricky over on Fortunata Street so when I crossed Federal Highway I tossed a dime in the fountain for good luck you know and it must have worked 'cause everything went real smooth. That is until I got back to where I parked my beater and realized I'd left my keys in the ignition. Not only that but there was my cell phone sitting where I'd left it on the passenger seat. No problem, no problem I told myself, I'll just use one of the payphones in the mall and get my mechanic out here pronto. Well there was one problem actually when I found out I only had two quarters in my pocket. Hadn't they just raised the price of a local call to 60 cents?

Calmly, serenely I crossed Federal Highway back to my little park. No big deal, the same dude was asleep on the bench and the doves were pecking at the candy wrappers. So who's to mind if a motorist in distress slips his hand into the water and retrieves a measly dime that when you get right down to it really belonged to him anyway? I had just got my pincers around it when the cop car blasted me with that "all hands on deck" thing that they used to wake up whatever dummy it was they were trying to pull over. Only this time that dummy was me. A big traffic cop with a sardonic grin and his ticket book open made his way toward me.

You gotta be kiddin' me. No way. Not now. I darted through traffic to get behind the bank. Leaping over a couple sharing a sandwich, I raced down the walkway and into the mall. Banging through the other side I slanted through parked cars until I reached a stretch of backyards that I knew well because of my buddy Jeremy. I pummeled the paint peeling on his front door but noone was home so I crawled through the window of his garage. Figuring I was safe, I had the audacity to plug in his guitar and rock out with the headphones on. I was really getting into it when I happened to open my eyes just long enough to see the blur of the cop's fist. To say I saw stars would be putting mildly. I saw solar furnaces. And so now here I am composing rhymes in this lovely little one-room that I inhabit 24/7:

Twinkle, twinkle little dime,
Because of you I'm doing time.

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This post has been awarded 19 stars by 5 readers.
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Jan 19, 2010
Very nice. I loved it!
   ~Posted by lindareed, Jan 19, 2010

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