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It's Better to Give...: A true story
Posted by Casino, Dec 25, 2009. 944 views. ID = 3060

It's Better to Give...

Posted by Casino, Dec 25, 2009. 944 views. ID = 3060
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I was naive and hung up enough to imagine that an object could alter reality.
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A guitar capo. She was a nice ruby red one and had that french curve design peculiar to the brand. I was giving guitar lessons to her at the time, this lady from Japan. Oh I thought she would love it so. It was our connection the music was. And it was so practical. I was sure she'd never conceived of anything so elegant and perfect as this device used to clamp down stings. Boy was I in for a surprise when she opened up her guitar case and pulled out a multicolor ribbon sort of a totally different design and said she preferred it.

I thought it was a pretty cool gift. When it came time for me to open what she had given me what do I see but a bamboo and paper fan. Nice but of an Army camoflage color. Well I wasn't exactly thrilled with the sentiment there either.

We both looked at each other. It was pouring out and I had just loaded her bike into the trunk. She seemed disappointed that I hadn't managed to stay dry. It was the last time I ever saw her. If that was the best gift I ever gave you can imagine the worst.

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 2 readers.
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