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Pen pals: Friendly e-mails between a distant friend and myself.
Posted by kellyg8791, Dec 22, 2009. 780 views. ID = 3042

Pen pals

Posted by kellyg8791, Dec 22, 2009. 780 views. ID = 3042
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This is not meant to offend anyone, just for humor.
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Dear God,
I’m awfully sorry that it took me so long to write back. I’ve been busy with…other things. As I’m sure your fully aware of. How was your trip to Venice? Oh I’m sure it was fantastic. You are so lucky that your job allows you to travel all around the world. Do you find yourself acting any different than you normally act when you travel to these distant countries? I only say this because sometimes I find myself acting a little different towards different types of friends and acquaintances. I must admit it is a little exciting to throw in a few twists or personality changes around different types of friends. Well, I do hope your trip was everything you expected and or wanted it to be. Have a safe trip back, and don’t forget to give me a call when your back in town, we can grab coffee and catch up.

Your Friend,

Dear Kelly,
Its okay, I understand. I saw that you were a little tied up. Venice is magnificent! I had a chance to walk around the Piazza San Marco, which was, if I do say so myself breathtaking. Unfortunately, this was a business trip, no vacation, so of course I had to take care of some of my duties at Santa Maria Dei Frari. To answer your question about the somewhat multi-personalities around different groups of friends, I must admit that I do find it quite refreshing. It is virtually impossible to be the same exact person around everyone that you encounter. What’s the fun in that?! However, over the past centuries I’ve notice my slightly varied personalities has caused a good bit of drama in my business. Don’t get me wrong, I really do feel awful and I’m not going to lie even a little responsible for events such as the holy crusades. But, I never came up with this, oh what is it you humans call it, religion, is it? I believe so, I’m not sure where that nonsense came from but it’s certainly not helping to make my job any easier. Oh I’m just rambling now, yes coffee would be lovely. I should be back in town around Friday and I’m due for a pedicure on Saturday, so how’s Sunday sound?

Your Friend,

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This post has been awarded 5 stars by 2 readers.

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