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True Confessions of a Virtual Creep: The lack of inhibitions in the virtual world is scary. We've opened up Pandora's box, and haven't yet begun to see all its effects.
Posted by 'Chelle, Dec 1, 2009. 1579 views. ID = 2993

True Confessions of a Virtual Creep

Posted by 'Chelle, Dec 1, 2009. 1579 views. ID = 2993
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There is nothing more rewarding for me, after a long day at work, than to slip quietly into cyberspace, where in the shadowy anonymity of my avatar, I can offend people to my heart's content.
In the real world, I am a mild mannered seller of insurance. I am disarming, charming, and empathetic. The old ladies with their gummy smiles that I find so disgusting trust me implicitly. They swallow my pitch, nodding over knitting needles, and serve me tea and stale banana bread. I want to gag, and I want to fling it back in their rheumy eyes, but I don't. I sip. I simper. I wait.
At last, at long last, I am home. The blue monitor calls to me from the bedroom. In here, I can imagine myself to be a world power to be contended with. I can at last say all the things I've wanted to say all day. I am not slandering. Not at all. I'm letting off steam after a hard day's work.
In my virtual world I can be dirty. I can be naughty. I can be completely unsuitable company for elegant old ladies and dignified old gentlemen. You will never know it from looking at me or talking to me. I will sway you, too. I will charm you completely tomorrow as we sit on your doilie covered divan sipping tea. You will buy from me. I will assuage your fears even as I imagine what it might be like to watch someone's electrocution.
Only a few more hours. One more cup of tea. I can wait.

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This post has been awarded 7 stars by 2 readers.

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