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Who am I?: A lot of people won't understand the true meanings of my writings... then again, a lot will
Posted by Mel, Oct 1, 2009. 1020 views. ID = 2887

Who am I?

Posted by Mel, Oct 1, 2009. 1020 views. ID = 2887
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Not my best work, but it's okay
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A simple question is asked..
Who Am I?
I pause and take a moment to think about who I really am.

I am Melanie.
A 15 year old who is searching,
searching for the true meaning of life
or at least the purpose of mine.

I am Melanie.
A soilder at war
I am at war with today's society simply because I don't fit in.

I am Melanie.
Lover of nature.
I'm not materialistic.
Money doesn't make me happy, the joy of others do.

I am Melanie.
The simple chick that likes to wear T-shirts and Jeans
Dresses and heels are nice but they're just not me.

I am Melanie.
That like skinned girl with no perm and kinky hair.
The one with the beauty mole on her left cheek.

I am Melanie.
An artist, writer, composer, and musician.
Music is more than therapy to me.
It's my life.

I am Melanie.
The one who sings but cannot dance.
A fan of Bob Marley, not because he smoked but because of his desire for peace.

I am Melanie.
The goofy one who likes to hear jokes
The corny one who likes to tell them.

I am Melanie.
I am me,
Plain and simple.

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 3 readers.
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