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Posted by Jaybird, Sep 29, 2009. 1152 views. ID = 2878


Posted by Jaybird, Sep 29, 2009. 1152 views. ID = 2878
This post was written in 9 minutes.
its really good
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this poem of me express who i am
this poem of me tells you where i stand
where i stand with my emotions my feelings my pain
where i stand with life from day to day
the things i like the things i love
the things that make me sick to my stomach and make me want to throw up
take salad for example it gets on my nerves
every time i see or smell it it makes me want to hurl
but take the things i like for example like chips candy and food in general
it brightens my day to know that something good will be for dinner
i love family friends fun and laughter
good times and bad times because they make life happier
i love the finner things in life living on the up scale side
being noticed by others as a person whose parents raised her right
i love being me because thats all i can be
i cant try to be you or somrone else because i would be lieing myself living the untruth
and making people think im trying to be like you
so all im going to be is me no titles needed
im not a perfect person but lets admit it no one else is either
so i think im about done with giving you a glimpse of my life
a few short stanzas that would make you say "hey that girl's all right"

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This post has been awarded 9 stars by 3 readers.
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