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weekly feelings: how most people feel in the week
Posted by death_shadow, Nov 1, 2007. 1960 views. ID = 268

weekly feelings

Posted by death_shadow, Nov 1, 2007. 1960 views. ID = 268
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oh mondays
they are so dull. You are tired anoyed and angrey. Way do you feel this way beacuse it is the beginging of the week.

you feel a little better. you are more ready to wake and do your work.
you drink your coffie or have an energy drink. you do your work with a little complante but you are still grumpy.

all right wensdays
you are awake and feeling all right. you are a little stressed. you are thinking well I am half way through the week. mabye to day you will be less grumpy.

great thursdays
you are like it is almost frieday wich means the end of the weak. you are feeling pritty good.

supper fridays
you are nearlly bursting with antisipation. you are makeing your plans for the weekend. The list of things you will do just keeps growing.

happy saturdays
you are realaxed. you are in no hurry reallaxing and watching tv. sipping coffie and reading the paper. some of you are sleeping in you lucky dogs.

annoying sundays
the second worst day of the week. your wonderful weekend is most likely comeing to a close. you set out your suit and tie for tommorow. getting ready for work tommorow. thinking to your self why do I halve to go to work tommorow why could there not be another week day? when you go to bed you prey/hope that something stops you from going to work.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 2 readers.
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