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Playtime: a poem about dress up as a child
Posted by amazing, May 18, 2009. 1223 views. ID = 2609


Posted by amazing, May 18, 2009. 1223 views. ID = 2609
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I wrote this originally to be a song, but I think it is better as a poem. I think I will illustrate a children's book to go with it, that is how much I love it.
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i'd be an infamous outlaw
in the wild, wild west
i'd put on my hat and chaps each morn'
pull on my cowhide vest
i would swagger through the swinging doors
of the saloon in tombstone town
and i'd save the indian chieftain
and i'd shoot the barman down
and the sherrif would chase after me
but i was never caught
and when the day was done i had won
every fight i'd fought
and each night when i was tired
i'd ride toward the setting sun
and i'd curl up by my campfire
bein' a cowgirl's pretty fun

i'd be a fearsome pirate
and i'd sail the seven seas
and i'd be the most courageous
and my crew would worship me
and i would be the finest captain
who had ever owned a boat
and i'd sail and sail in circles
all around my castle's moat
and then i'd sail to neverland
and fight with captain hook
and i'd win from him the gold and coins
that he'd already took
and i'd wear a great big pirate hat
encrusted with rare jewels
and i'd bury all my treasure,
bein' a pirate's pretty cool

i'd be a queen of diamonds
like in a deck of cards
and I would lounge around in furs and silks,
at tea with the queen of hearts
i would spend three hours bathing
in a tub of wine and roses
and then i would jump on my grand bed
and never stub my toeses
and i'd have the finest gowns
of any queen there ever was
and i would wear a great big silver crown
just because, because.
and i'd take off my crown
and go have lunch when i was done
so i would not get jelly on my gown
queendom's pretty fun

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This post has been awarded 19 stars by 4 readers.

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