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Turning Over the Keys: A mother's fight to save her family from debt
Posted by lifetalk, May 3, 2009. 3031 views. ID = 2566

Turning Over the Keys

Posted by lifetalk, May 3, 2009. 3031 views. ID = 2566
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Tears cannot save one from the debt collectors. Strength helps. A plan for survival is a must. Even working two jobs isn't enough. Bankruptcy looms while children wonder how did their parents let this happen.
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This post is Part 1 of a writing series titled Seeking the Peace that Surpasses All Understanding.

Elana used to love being home. She took pride in making it a welcome place for her family. The counters sparkled, the laundry was lined up in neatly folded piles, and the floors were glistening. A cake was usually rising in the oven and the family Irish Setter was always bounding through the house with a toy. In the evening, Elana sprinkled essential oil of orange throughout the house so that it cheered everyone. She made wonderful meals, kissed her children, was kind to her husband, and loved being a mother and wife. Not a person who entered Elana's house ever wanted to leave. Homey they said. Warm. Inviting. Safe.

The change was subtle. Elana's husband started to sigh as the bills piled up in the mailbox. The stacks of bills remained unopened. Soon, the bill collectors began calling day and night. Elana's peace and security were threatened, but they were shattered into a cold reality one day when a tow truck pulled into her driveway. Elana had just returned home from picking her daughter up from school. As she was closing the door of the car, she saw a stout, solemn faced man approaching her. Without an introduction, he told Elena he was there to repossess the car and demanded the keys. Stunned, and forcing back the lump that was taking over her throat, Elana offered to write a check. No, that wasn't a possibility. Clear out the car and turn over the keys.

Elana heard the soft footsteps on the landing of the house door. Her fifteen year old daughter was watching. Without a word, she went to the car and began taking out her belongings. Elana worked next to her taking out pens, drinking cups, papers, a rosary -- all the items of living that occupy a second home, the family car.

The repo man found his heart and leaned into the hatch to take out the dog blanket. Elana handed the stranger the keys and felt compelled to tell him how ashamed she was. He replied that she wasn't the only one, he was behind on his bills, too. Hand in hand, Elana and her daughter watched as the car was towed away. Hand in hand they walked back to the house and pulled down the garage door and went into the house where Elana sobbed without a sound.

The phone rings all day and night now. Collectors asking for money that isn't there. Elana wonders how she will collect the money to make things right. And the children no longer watch television downstairs because they can't stand the sound of the ringing phone and listening to the requests for money.

Elana still has a home. The family still has each other. But it isn't a safe haven anymore. Strangers wanting money have made their way into the walls of the house. Elana is fighting to save the soul of the family. She will find a way.

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This post has been awarded 30 stars by 8 readers.
This post is Part 1 of a writing series titled Seeking the Peace that Surpasses All Understanding. The next part of this series can be found here: Celestial 9-1-1.


May 3, 2009
Welcome to the site! I enjoyed reading your story (though it made me sad), and have added it to the featured gallery.
   ~Posted by Douglas, May 3, 2009

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