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The Cylocilous: a mythical creature used to make a message to children
Posted by Turtle :], Mar 23, 2009. 1341 views. ID = 2483

The Cylocilous

Posted by Turtle :], Mar 23, 2009. 1341 views. ID = 2483
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"The Cylocilous crawls in the night", Nana started as we all sat by the fire which lay in the center of the tribe. "There was once a boy and a girl, who knew no better than to go out at night -- a night exactly like this."
"What happened Nana?" The youngest member of the tribe asked.
"I'm getting to that, little Kahi [kah-he]." Nana shushed. "The little boy and girl were about your age. They too, were troublesome and mischievous.
On a night like this, with a full moon, they were too foolish to dare wander into those woods," she pointed to the dark and mysterious woods that were surrounded by dark aura and mist that the tribe believed to be cursed. "Many times the tribe leaders said to never go there on a full moon. As they went into the woods to play, they heard a noise. A twig creaking and breaking." She said eerily. "And then, when the girl was not looking, the boy was grabbed by the Cylocilous and eaten! All that was left on the ground beside the little girl was his head."
"Did the little girl see the head?" A more mature child asked.
"Yes!! And she was eaten too."
Little Kahi stood beside Nana, grasping the loose end of her long skirt. "I don't want to get eaten, Nana. I vow to never be mischievous!"

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This post has been awarded 8 stars by 2 readers.
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