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A Draken Rising: going home
Posted by Estrella LeMar, Mar 15, 2009. 1487 views. ID = 2459

A Draken Rising

Posted by Estrella LeMar, Mar 15, 2009. 1487 views. ID = 2459
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This post is Part 32 of a writing series titled A Draken Rising.

Back at the oasis, they went over to the eastern spring. Rafael sat down next to the bubbling spring as Horatio and Ellius talked to the side.
“Ellius, I am returning to Levis in the morning.” Horatio glanced over at Rafael.
“I’ll keep an eye on him,” Ellius tilted his head, “Your worried?”
After the beating he took, it is hard to believe he has already healed. He still moves slowly, as if in pain.”
“His scars are tight, and restrict his movement.”
“So many scars, “Horatio shook his head. “We have always known Malus Cimmerii was an evil man, but to do that to his own son…” Horatio choked slightly.
“Justice will be done, in time. Malus is destined for only one thing. Inferno.”
“I hope that I get to send him there," Horatio spat.
“You sound like I did, when I lost my parents.” Ellius raised an eyebrow, “Do you remember what you always used to say?”
"Hate the action, not the person.” Horatio sighed, “Here I am, trying to teach Rafael, and I am the one needing the reminder.” Horatio smiled, “Thank you, Ellius, I needed that.”
“I needed to remind myself," Ellius grimaced, ‘I wouldn’t mind sending Malus Cimmerii to the grave myself.”

"Horatio, Ellius, I'm going to take a walk, I will see you later." Rafael began walking away, leaving his teachers behind.
"He has been through so much. He is strong to handle it so well." Ellius shook his head.
"Yes he is." Horatio agreed.
"This oasis is a good place for him. It lets him escape from his father, from his name even."
“It’s amazing, really, this paradise in the midst of nothing.” Horatio paused to look around.
“Yes, my home for the next five months.” Ellius laughed, “Compared to my usual schedule, I call this quite the vacation.”
The two of them laughed companionably.
An hour later, Horatio and Ellius found themselves sitting down to lunch with Markus, Estrella, and Rafael.

As the food was passed around, Markus and Ellius were both telling stories about the mischief they always were into, when they were younger. Every once in a while, Horatio would add in a little story of his own. The entire dining room was filled with laughter, even Rafael was smiling and laughing along.
Towards the end of the meal, Horatio noticed Estrella whipping a tear off her face. “Is something wrong, Estrella?”
“No…” She shook her head, before whipping away another tear. “It’s just that I’ve never seen Rafael so happy. He’s never really truly smiled before. Now, he’s finally laughing and smiling. It’s real, finally.” Estrella smiled, “I’m just so glad, I’ve started crying.”
Everyone laughed.

Some time later, Horatio, Ellius, and Rafael walked down to the southern spring.
“Horatio, I have something for you.” Rafael held out a small stone.” It’s a warp stone. I made it, when we got back from the oasis.”
“Thank you, Rafael.” Horatio took the stone and ran his fingers over it. It changed color slightly, as he touched it.
“You’re leaving in the morning?” Rafael said.
Horatio nodded, “Yes. All the same, we will be continuing your training. I have some material for you to read over, and Ellius will be working on your physical training.”
Ellius nodded, “There is something I must know first.”
“Oh?” Rafael asked.
“Your back. It still bothers you?”
“That sounds more like a statement than a question.” Rafael sighed, "Yes. It bothers. The scars are tight, and it can be hard to move."
"Rafael, I might be skilled in healing, but even I have my limits.” Horatio shrugged, “I can do nothing more for you. However, my personal physician, Dr. Chen, is far more skilled than I. I am certain he could do something to help.”
Rafael stared into Horatio’s eyes for a moment. “He is trustworthy?”
Horatio nodded, “Ellius and I have both put our lives in his hands, a number of times.”
Rafael thought for a moment, before nodding. “If you put your trust in this man, then so will I.”
“You have come very far, very quickly.” Ellius smiled his approval.
“I return to Levis tomorrow morning. Come to the Great Hall a little after noon. I will be waiting for you, as will Dr. Chen. I will tell him nothing other than that he is needed. How much you tell him is up to you.”
Rafael slowly nodded, “Alright.” He knelt beside the spring and let the water run over his fingers. “Since you are leaving tomorrow, this is as good a time as any.”
“For what?” Ellius scowled.
“Horatio, during the last week, I have had the same dream over and over, again.” Rafael shivered, “One of the Drakens has become a traitor. In the dream, they hand four dragons over to Cao. Two rider-less, two with partners.” Rafael looked up at Horatio, concern filling his eyes.
Horatio frowned, “I will alert the other council members.” He shook his head, “Change of plans for me. I am going to go get my things and leave straight away.” Horatio reached out and put a hand on Rafael’s shoulder. “I will see you tomorrow, Lad.”
“Goodbye for now, Horatio,” Rafael said.
Horatio smiled, before turning, and walked away.

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 2 readers.
This post is Part 32 of a writing series titled A Draken Rising.

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