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The Things You've Learned: Just a few examples of what we can learn from books
Posted by EmmeElle, Mar 2, 2009. 1756 views. ID = 2400

The Things You've Learned

Posted by EmmeElle, Mar 2, 2009. 1756 views. ID = 2400
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A gold star for anyone who gets all of the references!
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When you were just a baby, I showed you that were not as different as you may have thought, and hoped you would learn not to take yourself too seriously. Your eyes glowed as you laughed and I knew you understood.

You grew older, and I sought to nourish your imagination. To this day, you do not fear the hours you may spend alone in your room, supper or none.

You entered your crazy teenage years and yearned to belong. You felt an alien anger toward those who didn't accept you, and I showed you another group of boys, not unlike yourself, who didn't realize until too late how powerfully dangerous that anger could be.

As your education deepened, you began to see that the world was full of shadows and uncertainty. Right when you needed it most, I brought you a skinny boy with glasses to show you that the difference between right and wrong isn't so obscure after all.

When a redheaded girl broke your sixteen-year-old heart, a pair of red hounds taught you that letting go is small part of living and a large part of loving.

Finally, I advised you not to dabble in deception, not to hide who you are, and not to date someone your parents don't like. The consequences of any of these things, you learned, can be fatal.

I am the world outside your world. The world that can be anything, where you can be anyone. You visit me to escape from your lowest moments and I love being your safe harbor. Still, as you continue to visit, to learn, read, and grow, I hope that you will remember my true value by taking what you've learned with you when you leave.

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This post has been awarded 17 stars by 4 readers.
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Sue Do Nim
Mar 9, 2009
No gold star for me. I only recognized Harry Potter. How about some help on the others? I even checked you favorite books section for clues, but, alas, you're better read than I.

That said, don't dumb it down for me. I'll try to catch up with you.
   ~Posted by Sue Do Nim, Mar 9, 2009

Mar 9, 2009
That's actually something I struggled a lot with in this piece. I couldn't find the magic space between overly vague and overly obvious. I did hope that you, of all people, would recognize the second one.

I tried to go with books that most people have either read or at least heard of. Should I post the answers?
   ~Posted by EmmeElle, Mar 9, 2009

Mar 9, 2009
I think you should start a thread in the forum, to ask people to figure out what they are. Then after anyone who wants to has posted their guesses, you post the answers! :)
   ~Posted by Douglas, Mar 9, 2009

Mar 9, 2009
Great idea! The thread is up!
   ~Posted by EmmeElle, Mar 9, 2009

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