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I Am Misunderstood: Don't believe everything you hear.
Posted by EmmeElle, Feb 24, 2009. 1266 views. ID = 2379

I Am Misunderstood

Posted by EmmeElle, Feb 24, 2009. 1266 views. ID = 2379
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I am the one you dream of in times of stress - the embodiment of your worries and fears. I am clever and mysterious and, for this, you avoid me at all costs. You were born in fear of my strong body and smooth skin. It's a fear that you have never learned to overcome.

I am the one on whom you dare not tread. I make my home in the dark, in the bushes, under the leaves, in the crevices in your pile of firewood. You check for me, but you rarely find me; I slip away unnoticed when I hear you moving around. My absence is perhaps more unnerving than my presence because you are sure that I am lurking just out of sight.

I am the one who would tell you, if you would listen, that I simply don't want any trouble. I have tried to show you. I stay out of your way, kill the insects that destroy your flowers, and eat the vermin that seek to disease your children. But you refuse to see. It's not entirely your fault.

I am the one - since the very beginning - whom you have been told to blame for all of your problems. I am the source of evil, according to your books and legends. I am the alleged purveyor of sin.

...But the truth is, I just thought Eve looked hungry.

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This post has been awarded 24 stars by 6 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: You're an Animal


Sue Do Nim
Feb 24, 2009
The thought, that we are more unnerved by the absence of a snake, knowing that it is really there, but we just can't find it, has immense potential to be used symbollically. Is that the nuggest that we are to discover in these short exercises?
   ~Posted by Sue Do Nim, Feb 24, 2009

Feb 26, 2009
I have so much fun writing about adam and eve, the ark, any old bible stories. This one is so clever!
   ~Posted by Jessablue, Feb 26, 2009

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