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Woman's Best Friend: Your dog loves you. Love yourself.
Posted by EmmeElle, Feb 17, 2009. 1662 views. ID = 2359

Woman's Best Friend

Posted by EmmeElle, Feb 17, 2009. 1662 views. ID = 2359
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Saturday night finds Margie sitting on the couch with a bucket of fried chicken, a pint of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey, and a rented copy of Steel Magnolias. Feeling completely lost and unsure of what to do, she has opted to behave exactly as society expects from the recently-dumped. She cries no less than seven times as the movie progresses and Julia Roberts' health degenerates, she gorges on the ice cream and chicken simultaneously, and she spills her heart out to her dog Custer, who sits on the couch and, loyally, listens without interrupting.

When the TV screen goes dark and Margie finally quiets, Custer leans forward and gently presses his nose into her ear. Margie turns toward him, and he meets her gaze with his curious black eyes. He moves forward again, to tentatively lick her nose, and Margie suddenly sees clearly. Custer does not understand being depressed about spending Saturday night on the couch. He is happy to be safe and well-fed. His prospects for dating are slim, but he has a best friend who smells wonderful. He would rather roll in garbage than spend hundreds on fancy clothes.

Margie stands, stretches, and smiles. Nothing calms the soul like a silent pep talk from another species.

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
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