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A Draken Rising: Generosity
Posted by Estrella LeMar, Feb 16, 2009. 1371 views. ID = 2355

A Draken Rising

Posted by Estrella LeMar, Feb 16, 2009. 1371 views. ID = 2355
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This post is Part 31 of a writing series titled A Draken Rising.

“I will be needing to go back to Levis before long.” Horatio spoke softly.
“You can have the warp stone I made, I can make another later.” Rafael shrugged.
“Thank you Rafael.” Horatio said, “That way I will be able to come see Ellius at times.”
“There you two are.” Ellius walked over, “Rafael, let’s take a ride over to Osadious and show Horatio around the ruins.”
The three of them began walking towards the stable.

“Where are the three of you going?” Markus looked over from a horse he was saddling.
“They want to show me Osadious.” Horatio smiled, “I’m looking forward to it.”
“Mind if I tag along?” Markus asked.
“Fine by me.” Rafael motioned to Adam, “Adam, will you bring three horses over here?”
“ ‘Course.” Adam darted away.
“Rafael showed me an old blacksmith shop there. That’s where he made his katari.”
“Oh?” Horatio smiled, “I look forward to seeing it.”
“Here you are.” Adam brought the horses over, “Enjoy the ride.”
“Thank you Adam.” Rafael mounted smoothly.

Once everyone was mounted, they started off at a gallop. After a short time, Markus came up beside Rafael, and began to speak. “Rafael, I used to be a bit of a swindler. I stole from a lot of people.”
“I know that Markus.”
“Well, Horatio is the fellow that had to pay back all the people I took from. I would like to pay him back somehow. Thing is, it’s a rather large sum.”
“How large?”
“Oh, well, just a bit over 150,000 gold pieces, and maybe about 6,000 silver pieces, as well as a few jewels.”
Rafael looked sharply at Markus, “So much?”
“Yes, well,” Markus shrugged, “He has already spoken to me about it, and he is willing to issue me a full pardon.”
“There is more than enough in Osadious to pay him back.”
Markus nodded, “Thank you.”

Twenty minutes later, the gates of Osadious came into view.

“There she is. Osadious, the lost city of legend.”
“Amazing.” Horatio muttered.
Markus snorted, “He says amazing, an’ he’s only seen the gate.”
The four of them rode into the city, coming to a stop next to the fountain. Dismounting, Rafael pointed at a large set of double doors. “Follow me.”

As the doors opened wide, light shone in on the thousands of scrolls and books lined neatly on the shelves. Horatio walked over to the last shelf, and lifted a book up from the bottom shelf. “The End of Osadious, and Birth of the Barren Waste.” Horatio read the title slowly.
“This library contains the entire history of the city.” Rafael spoke softly.
Horatio set the scroll back down, “It’s amazing how they kept such detailed records.”
“Horatio, Ellius, it’s my turn to show you something.” Markus led them through a small door in the back of the building.
Rafael followed them, and watched from the doorway as they stared at the contents of the treasury.
“Markus gave up counting once he hit 500,000 gold pieces. That’s the pile of gold on that table to the side.” Rafael looked over at Horatio, “I am told that Markus owes you a large debt. I’m sure you could easily settle the balance here.”
“Easily is an understatement.” Horatio continued to stare at the vast amount.
Rafael shrugged, “The best way to transport all of this to Levis would be by using a warp stone.”
“What do you mean, ‘all of it’?” Horatio looked at Rafael.
Rafael motioned around at the contents of the treasury, “These riches are doing nothing here, no one is putting them to use. I am giving it all to you and Ellius. I am certain you can put it to good use.”
A smile flickered across Horatio’s face, “You are very generous Rafael.”
Rafael frowned, “Generous? Explain that to me.”
“When a person freely gives of themselves, simply to give. When they give more than is required, they are being generous.” Horatio explained.
Rafael thought for a moment, before nodding, “It makes sense, the way you explain it.” He turned, “I am going outside.”
“You just became a very rich man Horatio.” Ellius laughed.
“We. We just became rich men. I will take a third, and you will take a third. The rest will stay here for now.”
“A third?”
“Someday Rafael might find a use, or a need for the last portion.” Horatio frowned, “Even a third feels like too much.”
Ellius shrugged, “Think of all the good we can do with this.”
“Yes.” Horatio turned to Ellius suddenly, “Ellius, this city would make the perfect training ground. With a bit of hard work, and a little magic, this place could be quite useful.”
Ellius nodded, “I think I see what you’re thinking.”
“Let’s go outside and talk with Rafael.”
“Good idea.”
The two of them walked outside.
Rafael was sitting on the fountain, watching the water cascading down as Horatio and Ellius came outside.
“Are you ready to go back to the oasis?” Rafael looked up at them.
“Almost.” Horatio looked around at the city, “This place could be made into the perfect training grounds with a bit of work.”
Rafael nodded, “No one is using this place, do with it as you please.”
The three of them mounted, and started riding back towards the oasis. As they rode along, Horatio’s eyes sparkled in anticipation.

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This post has been awarded 8 stars by 2 readers.
This post is Part 31 of a writing series titled A Draken Rising. The next part of this series can be found here: A Draken Rising.

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