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A Draken Rising; 28: Until recently, I had never even heard of the word trust. I did not know what trust was…not until I met Horatio. It is hard for me to trust, simply be
Posted by Estrella LeMar, Jan 28, 2009. 1472 views. ID = 2288

A Draken Rising; 28

Posted by Estrella LeMar, Jan 28, 2009. 1472 views. ID = 2288
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This post is Part 29 of a writing series titled A Draken Rising.

Rafael lowered his head and stared down at his hands.

Ellius bent over to whisper in Rafael’s ear. “You can trust them.”

“Trust.” Rafael muttered softly, before sighing. “Markus, Estrella, and Mr. Petrosky, I have never told you anything about myself, have I?”

They remained silent.

“Until recently, I had never even heard of the word trust. I did not know what trust was…not until I met Horatio. It is hard for me to trust, simply because of the way I have been raised. :Rafael took a deep breath, before continuing. “For my own safety, I have stayed silent about myself, but the three of you have done so much for me, regardless. You deserve to know more about me.”

Rafael looked over at Mr. Petrosky. “You asked how I was wounded?”

Mr. Petrosky nodded.

Rafael sighed, “That story goes back nine years, to my tenth birthday. On my tenth birthday, everything in my life changed drastically. Before then, my father had barely acknowledged me and had left me to be raised by my mother. However, early on the morning of my birthday, my mother took her own life.”

Ellius and Horatio glanced at each other; Rafael had never mentioned that before.

Rafael continued, “My father needed to take out his anger on someone, and he did so, on me. He said he would teach me to hate and feel anger. He beat me, until I lost control of my temper; then he stopped. He said I could do anything I wanted to do, so long as every year I arrived at the throne room at three o’clock, on my birthday. Every year since then, I have been beaten.”

“That’s why there were so many layers of scars, “ Mr. Petrosky muttered.

“What did you do after that?” Markus questioned.

“I went to Levis, purchased a nice horse, and rode south.” Rafael closed his eyes, “I felt that life held no meaning, so I ran.”

“Is that how you found the oasis?”

“Yes. There was a man here; he told me that I have a purpose. That man had already built a number of houses, and he helped me build some more. He taught me how to make a warp panel. We worked on the oasis for several years, then one day he told me that there were some people who needed some help. He sent me through a warp panel. That is when I met the two of you, Markus and Estrella.”

By now Estrella was sobbing, “You poor thing!”

“Captain, who is your father?’ Mr. Petrosky asked.

For a moment, everything was silent, and all that could be heard was Estrella’s sobbing. “My father is only related by name. We barely speak. I do not agree with the things he does, yet I have inherited his name, and that name is my curse.” Rafael paused, “My father is Malus Cimmerii, king of the Wyriens.”

“So, you are a Wyrien?” Markus said.

“He is only one by birth, not by choice,” Horatio quietly pointed out.

Estrella went over and sat by Rafael’s side. “I don’t care if he is a Cimmerii or not. He has done so much for us. Does it really matter?”

“You’re right, Estrella, it doesn’t matter.” Mr. Petrosky nodded his head in agreement.

“I do have one more question,” Markus said.

“What is it, Markus?” Rafael looked up at him.

“What is your full name? I mean first, middle, and last name altogether.”

Rafael smiled slightly, “Rafael Wolfe Cimmerii. My mother always loved wolves. She said while they were fierce, they protected each other. She wanted me to be like them. Wolfe would have been my first name, but my father would not hear of it.”

Estrella smiled. “That’s a good name. Do you mind if we use your name, sometimes? We could call you Rafael Wolfe and just drop your last name.”

Rafael slowly nodded, “All right.”

“Rafael,” Mr. Petrosky smiled slightly, “thank you for finally trusting us.”

“I should thank you, Mr. Petrosky, Markus, and Estrella. I expected a different reaction.” Rafael closed his eyes, for a moment.

“You are tired. You should get some rest, “ Mr. Petrosky said.

“Tired of laying down and tired of being waited on, “ Rafael grimaced.

Horatio chuckled, “Not conscious for a full day and already trying to get up. Just wait, Rafael, and I will let you up, in the morning.”

Ellius nodded toward the window. “It’s already dark outside. We should all go get some rest.”

Slowly, the room began to empty, until only Rafael, Horatio, and Ellius were left.
Ellius helped Rafael lay back down.

“Thank you, Ellius,” Rafael wearily smiled.

“You seem relieved, “ said Ellius.

Rafael nodded, “I am. The fact that I am, finally, trusting others relieves me.”

“I am sorry about your mother,” Horatio quietly said.

“Before my mother passed, my father never had such mood swings, but then…” Rafael shivered.

“Then what?” Ellius said.

“His eyes….they changed. That, and suddenly there was suddenly a strong presence of hate and anger around him. The same look in his eyes that Cao always has, and that same presence.” Rafael frowned slightly. “The first time I entered Horatio’s castle, I ran into a man named Darion. He had that same look in his eyes, but the presence, it was either weaker with him or very well-hidden. But it was there.”

“Darion?” Ellius looked up at Horatio. “He is a Draken.”

Horatio nodded, “Yes, but not much is known about him. I will do some research on him.”

“Horatio?” A puzzled look came onto Rafael’s face.


“Who is Babriel?”

“Babriel? He is the founder of the Wyriens, for one. Long ago, he revolted against the Great Emperor. He corrupted many Dragons, turning them into Wyriens. He took contr9ol of the planet we are on, now. The prince founded the Drakens, and the war has been raging ever since.” Horatio tilted his head to the side, “I never mentioned that name. Where did you hear it?”

“When Ellius founded me at Osadious, I was badly wounded, and I quickly lost consciousness. Correct?”

Ellius nodded, “Yes.”

“My mind traveled. That is the only way I can describe it.” Rafael stared off into the distance.

“Where did it travel to?” Horatio said.

“First it went to the slave quarters of Caligo, then to the top of some mountain. It was so cold. I was up to my knees in snow, and a harsh wind was driving the snow into my face. Then some creature appeared. His eyes were the same as my father’s eyes, and Cao’s. The same as Darion. Then that presence, the hate and anger. I have never felt it so strong. It was as if he did not just have the presence, it was almost like he was that presence.” Rafael shivered. “He took me to a city that held every worldly treasure you can think of. He said it would all be mine if I swore to him. He called himself Babriel.”

Horatio glanced at Ellius.

Rafael took a long, deep breath, “I soon discovered that the walls were not pure gold; they were only gilded. The walls were actually rotten wood. Everything burst into flames.” Rafael stopped.

“He was trying to trick you.” Horatio said.

Rafael nodded, “As I soon found out. He tried to attack me. I was unarmed, and defenseless. But someone appeared and saved me. This person took me to a garden, and we walked for a while. I felt I could trust him. He spoke of the Emperor, calling the Emperor his father. I woke up after we had spoken for some time.”

“Rafael, was it the same man you met at the oasis?” Ellius asked.

Rafael nodded, “Yes.”

Horatio was deep in thought as he slowly sat down.

“Horatio?” Rafael said.

“Rafael, that man was the Prince.” Horatio frowned slightly, “The last recorded record of him appearing was several hundred years ago, but now he has chosen to appear to you, and more than once. That can only mean something great is in the works. We must be prepared for whatever it may be.”
Horatio stood to his feet, “I will see you in the morning.”

After Horatio left, Ellius stood to his feet, “It is time for the two of us to rest as well.”

“Horatio seemed worried.” Rafael said.

“He has much to think about.” Ellius shrugged slightly, “He is far more studied than anyone else I know. Most likely he is thinking about something we are not. He will let us know in time.”

“Goodnight Ellius.”

“Goodnight Rafael.” Ellius left the room.

Rafael laid still, staring up at the ceiling.
(Babriel. Infierno. The Emperor. The Prince. There is so much that I do not know. I feel like I’m in a room with a thousand books, and I’ve only looked at a single page.
The Prince has done so much for me, so much more then I deserve. I will serve him. I will learn about him, and follow his ways. Everything I do, will be for him. I don’t know what will happen to me, but I will put my life in his hands.)
With the decision made, Rafael slowly drifted off to sleep.

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 2 readers.
This post is Part 29 of a writing series titled A Draken Rising. The next part of this series can be found here: A Draken Rising.

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