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A Draken Rising; 25: Another world...
Posted by Estrella LeMar, Jan 28, 2009. 1580 views. ID = 2285

A Draken Rising; 25

Posted by Estrella LeMar, Jan 28, 2009. 1580 views. ID = 2285
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This post is Part 26 of a writing series titled A Draken Rising.

When Rafael had fainted, everything had gone dark, but then, the nightmares began.

First, he found himself in the slave quarters of Caligo. Slowly, he entered into one of the slave shacks. Inside was a young family; a man, a woman, and three children.

The woman handed her husband a small, rock-hard loaf of bread. He split the bread into five different pieces and handed everyone a piece.

Tears welled-up in Rafael’s eyes as he watched them slowly eat.

The door suddenly slammed open and Cao Nocens sauntered into the room, followed by five of his men.

The slave man bowed low to the ground. An evil grin spread across Cao’s face; he nodded to his men.

His men stepped forward and roughly grabbed the slaves.

Cao’s eyes traveled over the five slaves. He tilted his head to the side, before motioning to his men, “Kill them.”

As Cao’s men drew their weapons,. The scene went black , and Rafael , once again, entered the realm of darkness.

Rafael’s thoughts were running wild. The slaves suffer so much! No good food, no good water; their clothes are all rags.

A tear ran down Rafael’s face. He wanted to help them; he longed to set them free.

The darkness faded into light. Rafael was standing high up on a mountain top. A freezing cold wind drove snow up into Rafael’s face and shoved him to the ground.

“So cold….” Rafael shivered. “Where am I?”

Harsh laughter filled the air. Turning, Rafael was blinded by a bright light. Squinting, he tried to see who or what the speaker was.

“Give into your hate, Boy. Kill for pleasure. Sow destruction. Serve me, as your father has served me. I can give you everything you want.”

The creature spread his arms out wide. “It is cold here. Come to me. I will make you warm. Hungry? Follow me. I can give you the best things there are. Is there someone you hate? I will get rid of them…make them disappear, forever.”

Rafael stared at the creature. The offer sounded so appealing, and yet, there was something that just seemed wrong.

“Who are you?” Rafael took a step back.

“I am Babriel. I am power; I am strength. I am riches and pleasure. I can give you anything you want. Just say you will serve me.”

“Serve you? What do you mean?”

“Just give me your word, your oath. I want nothing more.” A slight gleam shown in Babriel’s eyes.

There was something about that look. “No, I can’t do that.” Rafael crossed his arms. “Something is not right.”

“Tsk. Tsk. Come, now.” Babriel shook his head. “Nothing is wrong; let me show you.” Babriel smiled.

As Rafael stared at Babriel, the scene changed. Looking around, Rafael saw they were in a place much like Osadious. The streets were marble and all the walls shown a bright gold. A giant, crystal fountain stood in the center of the town square.

“What is this place?” Rafael turned to look at Babriel.

“Paradise,“ Babriel laughed. “Here you can do anything you want, be anything you want, and have anything you want. You make your own choices. No one is your ruler.”

“Is this real?” Rafael stared at the fountain.

“Go ahead. Taste the water; touch the gold. Ask for anything. I can make it appear.”

Rafael slowly walked over to the fountain and dipped his hands into the cool water.

“Go ahead, “Babriel urged. “Taste it.”

Rafael cupped his hands and lifted some of the water to his lips. Slowly, he took a sip.

“This water is sweet!” Rafael smiled. “I like it.”

“ I thought you would.” Babriel nodded. Just swear to me and this will be yours.”
A cry came from one of the back alleys.

“What was that?” Rafael turned towards the sound, trying to find its source.

“It was nothing. ….just your imagination.” Babriel smiled. “Now, swear to me.”

“I’m going to see what it was.” Rafael began walking down the back alley, with Babriel beside him, urging him to go back.

Rafael came to a corner. There he saw a young man brutally whipping another man. Without thinking, Rafael leaped forward. “Stop!”

Rafael ripped the whip out of the man’s hands, before shoving the man back against the wall.

The golden wall cracked and thin flakes of gold fell to the ground, revealing termite-infested, rotten wood.

Rafael stepped back in horror.

The man who had been being whipped leaped to his feet, a dagger in his hand. Laughing hysterically, he stabbed the man who had been whipping him.

Rafael turned and sprinted back towards the center of town. Once he got there, he stopped in horror. The fountain had shattered, and instead of water coming up from the ground, there was a spewing geyser of blood. Rafael turned to look at
Babriel, saying, “What is this?”

Babriel just laughed. He laughed, and he laughed. As he laughed, he spread his arms out wide.

The walls burst into flames.

“You should have sworn!” Babriel snarled, as he drew his sword.

Rafael reached for his katari, but it was not there. Frantically, he raised his arms to defend himself.

Babriel’s sword lashed out.

It was blocked.

Rafael looked up, to see who had saved him.

The stranger’s skin was a dark tan, and his hair was a dark brown. He stood slightly taller than Rafael. There was something about him; he seemed almost majestic.

Babriel lunged forward.

The stranger parried.

Babriel slashed at the stranger’s legs.

The stranger jumped over the blade, before turning and slashing downward. His blade cut into Babriel’s shoulder. Tar and sulfur oozed out of Babriel’s wound.

“You have done enough, Babriel. Be gone from here.”

Babriel vanished, leaving behind only a wisp of smoke.

The stranger turned to Rafael. “Come, let us leave this place.” The man lifted his hand and formed a warp panel. “After you.”

Rafael stepped through without hesitation. I recognize him. Where have I seen him before?

The place they warped to was a lush garden.. There was a small stream gurgling through the center of the garden, its crystal water reflecting the light. Rafael looked around, before turning to the stranger. “Who are you?”

The man just smiled, “You know me Rafael, just look into my eyes, and remember.”

Rafael looked into the man’s eyes. His eyes held every color, and as Rafael gazed into those eyes, he could sense a great kindness; a great caring. He felt a sense of peace settle over him.

“Your him.” Rafael’s voice was barely a whisper, “You’re the man who showed me the oasis, you’re the one who told me I have a purpose; a reason to live. You taught me how to make the warp panel.”

The man nodded, “Yes Rafael, I am that man.”

“Why? Why do you care about me? Why did you help me? You have said I have a purpose, but what is that purpose? Please, tell me.”

The stranger motioned down a pathway, “Let us walk.”

The two of them walked in silence for a moment, before the man began to speak, “Everyone is special Rafael. Everyone matters. A mother horse will not leave her foal to the mercy of lions, instead, she always has her eyes and ears open for trouble, and she will sacrifice herself for her child.”

The stranger knelt down beside a rose bush. “You see these thorns? Most would say that they are only on the stem to cause problems; to take away from the rose’s beauty; to make people avoid picking it. In actuality, the thorns are there for two reasons. One, to protect the rose from being trampled on the ground, or from being eaten. In this way it helps preserve the flowers beauty.”

“What is the second reason?”

“The second reason is to remind people that no matter how beautiful, or perfect something may seem, everything, and everyone, has there faults, but even with those faults, they can be appreciated, even loved.”

The stranger stood, and they continued walking down the path.

“So you are telling me that all things have a purpose?”

“Yes. Sometimes they are plainly seen, while sometimes they must be searched for.”

“Sir,” Rafael paused, “That creature, that- thing. Who was that? They called themselves Babriel, but who were they? What did they want?”

“Babriel was once the greatest musician and artist within my Fathers empire. He grew prideful, and began to believe that he should rule. He corrupted hundreds of thousands of dragons, and lead an attack. He was defeated quickly, and thrown from the court. He is the one that founded the Wyverns. Ever since then, he has continued waging war against the Great Emperor, and all his followers.”

The soft sound of a violin drifted through the air.

“Who is playing? Where is that sound coming from?” Rafael’s eyes searched the area.

“You have been unconscious for seven days. Ellius and Markus were worried, so they sent for Horatio. He has tended for you the last four days. He is a skilled musician, and is the one playing.”


“Yes. You were badly wounded.” The stranger set a hand on Rafael’s shoulder, “They are your friends, trust them. You must learn to trust, it will do you well.” The man smiled, “Don’t worry, even though you may not always see me, I will always be by your side.”

Rafael’s vision began to fade, soon the garden was lost from view. The last thing he saw as the music grew louder was the stranger’s ever-changing, peaceful eyes.

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 2 readers.
This post is Part 26 of a writing series titled A Draken Rising. The next part of this series can be found here: A Draken Rising; 26.

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