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A Draken Rising; 24: In need of Healing
Posted by Estrella LeMar, Jan 28, 2009. 1493 views. ID = 2284

A Draken Rising; 24

Posted by Estrella LeMar, Jan 28, 2009. 1493 views. ID = 2284
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This post is Part 25 of a writing series titled A Draken Rising.

(What happened to him? Why is he so badly hurt? His back is torn to shreds. Who did this to him? He said he was going to his father’s house, did Malus do this to him? I wouldn’t put it past the man. Why did he say that he could not trust himself? I don’t understand.) His mind was churning as Ellius rode hard towards the oasis.

Finally the oasis came into view. Ellius galloped past the stables, and right up to the front porch of his cabin. Quickly bringing the horse to a stop, he dismounted and carried Rafael inside. He gently laid Rafael down on his bed.

“Sa, there’s blood on your saddle, is something wrong?” Mrs. Petrosky stuck her head in the front door.

“It’s the Captain.” Ellius looked out the bedroom door, “Go fetch Markus and Estrella for me, and hurry.”

Her eyes widened when she saw the blood on Ellius’ shirt. “Right away Sa!” She quickly disappeared.

Ellius went back to Rafael’s side, and gently began removing the tattered shirt. As he did, he noticed that Rafael’s back was covered in scars, layers upon layers of scars.

Ellius carefully finished removing Rafael’s shirt, before laying his hand against Rafael’s forehead.

Rafael was burning up.

“Captain?” Markus stood in the doorway, his eyes wide in disbelief.

Estrella was right behind him, “I’ll go get some water.” She turned and headed to the kitchen.

“Captain?” Mr. Petrosky stepped in the front door, “My wife told me that someone is hurt. I have medical training, perhaps I may help?”

Markus stepped to the side, and let Mr. Petrosky past. Mr. Petrosky glanced at Rafael, before turning to call to Estrella, “Put on two kettles of water, we are going to need it.” He looked at Markus, “There are some herbs growing next to the stable, they may be helpful.”

“Right. I’ll take the horse down so Adam con tend to him as well.” Markus ducked out the front door.

“Ellius, you should change into some fresh cloths, I could use your help cleaning up the Captain.”

Ellius nodded, and went into a separate room, by the time he returned, Mr. Petrosky had laid out a pile of bandages, and was dipping a cloth in some warm water to clean off Rafael’s face. He gently wiped off the blood, before speaking. “Turn him over for me.”

Ellius silently turned Rafael onto his side. “I’ve already removed the shirt, I hope that will help.”

“It will.” Mr. Petrosky handed Ellius a wet cloth, and the two of them began cleaning Rafael’s wounds.

A few minutes later, Markus returned, herbs in hand. “Here you are Mr. Petrosky.”

“Thank you Markus.”

“Look at all them scars. Is this why he up an’ disappears each year? I should have
never let him go.” Markus wiped away a tear.

Ellius looked up at Mr. Petrosky, “Can you tell what caused the wounds and scars?”

“It is impossible to tell for sure, but it is likely that he has been brutally whipped. There are eight layers of scars, then this new set of wounds, making this the ninth time it has happened.”

“Nine times…” Ellius muttered.

Mr. Petrosky stood, “The bandages will have to be changed every three hours, to prevent an infection from setting in.”

“I’ll be right by his side the entire time.” Ellius looked out the window at the darkened sky, “It is late, you should all get some rest.”

Markus, Estrella, and Mr. Petrosky slowly made their ways outside.

Ellius moved a chair over next to the bed and sat down. Reaching out, he set his hand on Rafael’s forehead. With his head bowed, he began sending up urgent words of prayer to the Great Emperor, and to the Prince.

Three days had passed since Ellius had found Rafael in Osadious, and still the boy was unaware of his surroundings. His wounds were beginning to mend, and thankfully there were no signs of infection, but Rafael was running a high temperature. Mr. Petrosky had already done all he knew how to do, and nothing seemed to be helping. At times Rafael would groan, as if in pain. At other times he would move, as if struggling to defend himself.

Ellius had stayed beside him, leaving only once in a while for a breath of fresh air, or to change his cloths. He was worried about Rafael.

(You have to wake up lad. You have to get better. Hold on, keep fighting, all the people here at the oasis need you. Hang in there Rafael.)

Markus walked into the room, “I brought you a sandwich Ellius.” Markus handed a plate to Ellius. “How is he?”

“Still the same. I wish I could get Horatio here. He would know what to do. He has studies medicine for years.”

“I could fetch him.” Markus took a stone out of his pocket. “The Captain made this for when it was time for people to be sent to Levis, an’ he was not here. It’s a warp stone. You just think of the place you want to go, and it opens up a warp panel.”

“Then please go get Horatio right away. Knowing him, he will be in the garden.”

“Right. I’ll be quick.” Markus used the stone to make a warp panel, and stepped through.

The first thing that Markus saw as he stepped through the warp panel was a beautiful flowering cherry tree. He starred at it a moment, before his eyes traveled downward. Sitting with his back to the tree, deeply engrossed in a book, was Horatio. Markus stepped forward, and cleared his throat. Instantly Horatio’s hazel eyes were examining Markus.

“And you are?” Horatio set his book to the side and stood up.

“My name is Markus.” Markus hesitated slightly. “Ellius sent me.”

“Ellius?” Horatio’s eyes scanned the area. “Where is the captain? Ellius has been sending messages through him.”

“That’s just it, Sir. The captain…he’s hurt real bad. We have a man at the oasis with some medical knowledge, but he’s done everything he knows how..” Markus choked slightly, “The captain’s been unconscious for three days, and he’s not waking up. Ellius is the one who found him, and he’s barely moved from the captain’s side since. That’s why I’ve come, instead of him.”

“Come with me.” Horatio turned abruptly and began walking towards the doorway. Markus followed. As they came to the entryway, Horatio stopped and spoke to the guards. “Jason, find Emily and tell her to meet me in the Great Hall. David, go get my medical supplies and travel case. Bring them to the Great Hall.”

The two guards saluted, before hurrying off to do their duties.

As they continued walking, Horatio began asking questions. “Where was he found?”

“Ellius didn’t say.”


“Three days ago.”


“Badly wounded. Unconscious.”

“Badly wounded?” Horatio shook his head. “Details Man, I need more details.”

“I don’t know all of it, but it looks like he was tied up and whipped. There are eight different layers of scars; then this new set.”

Horatio opened the doors to the Great Hall and walked inside. “Any idea who did that to him…or even where it was done?”

Markus paused, “Every year, he leaves on March 13, disappears for a few days, and then come back. This time, Ellius offered to go with him. Captain wouldn’t let him.” Markus scowled, ‘I ‘member the captain saying Ellius would not be very welcome at his father’s place.”

Emily walked into the room saying, “Horatio, I was told you needed to see me?”

Horatio nodded, “Yes. I have to leave suddenly, and I’m not sure how long I will be gone. While I am gone, I’m putting you in charge.’

“Sir, here are your things.” The guard set down two large bags.

“Thank you, Jason. You are dismissed.”

“Sir!” The guard saluted, before leaving the room.

“Now, let’s see…” Horatio opened his bags and checked to make certain he had everything. “Good. I have everything. I’m ready, Markus.” He closed the bags.
“Horatio, do you want your violin?” Emily held out the instrument.

“Thank you, Emily.” Horatio took the violin in hand.

“I’ll carry one of your bags.” Markus lifted the larger one.

“Right. Take care of everything, Emily. I’ll be back.”

“I’ll keep everything in order. Bye.”

Markus used the stone to open the warp panel.

“Goodbye, Emily.” Horatio stepped through the warp panel.

Markus followed.

They found themselves standing beside Ellius’ cabin. Markus directed Horatio inside and showed him where to set his things, before taking him into the captain’s room.

Ellius stood as they entered. “You were able to come. Good.” Ellius took a deep breath. “Horatio, do you think you can help?”

“Sir, please, ya gotta do something ! All the people here at the oasis, they count on him.”

“I’ll do what I can.” Horatio looked at Ellius questioningly, before turning to Markus. “I need to be alone with these two. Will you, please, go out to the porch and make certain no one comes in?”

Markus nodded, “Yes, Sir.” Turning, he quickly left.

Once they were alone, Horatio put a hand on Ellius’ shoulder. “If I am going to help him, I need to know everything I can.”

Ellius sighed, “There is not much I know.”

“Then, let’s start with what we do know. Do you have any idea where it happened?”

“I am not sure, but I believe it happened in Caligo.”

“Where did you find him?”

“In Osadious.” Ellius thought for a moment. “He was awake then but badly wounded and discouraged. He said he could not trust himself, but then, he said he could trust the two of us.”

“Not able to trust himself….hmmmm.” Horatio’s eyes traveled over to Rafael. “What has been going on , since then?”

“No infection, thankfully. He has a high fever.”

Rafael cried out and began to quiver, his breathing coming quick and harsh.
Ellius stepped over and put a hand on Rafael’s forehead. “Easy, Lad.


“ Does this happen often?” Concern filled Horatio’s eyes.

“Yes, he is very restless. I fear he is keeping him from being able to heal well/”

“Unfortunately, that is very possible.” Horatio sighed. “I will do my best to help him.”

“Is there something you need me to do?”

Horatio nodded. “You need to continue praying.” Horatio glanced down at Rafael and said, “We both do.”

Bowing their heads, Ellius and Horatio began sending up their prayers.

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 2 readers.
This post is Part 25 of a writing series titled A Draken Rising. The next part of this series can be found here: A Draken Rising; 25.

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