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Movie Review: Movie insight on Dark Knight, Wall-E, and Twilight
Posted by Turtle :], Jan 6, 2009. 1159 views. ID = 2208

Movie Review

Posted by Turtle :], Jan 6, 2009. 1159 views. ID = 2208
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My most favorite movie from last year was the Dark Knight. It was simply spectacular, jaw dropping, and exuberant. It had all the right elements of an amazing movie and more importantly, there was none that too much or too less. I was literally at the edge of my seat at the theater awaiting for the next events. The Dark Knight is definitely a must see movie of the year 2008.

Another favorite movie of mine from 2008 was Wall-E. I grew to love the main character. This movie appealed to both children and adults. It was captivating, moving, and witty. It never fails to paint a smile on the grim faces of people that were forced to accompany their children and small siblings. What I like most about it was its economical theme; it taught us the dangers of pollution and its long term effects on the Earth and the people as well through a children's movie. You don't see that very often nowadays. Wall-E helps deliver the message with cunning and witty acts through his adorableness and clumsiness.

My least favorite movie from last year was Twilight. It did not follow the events of the book. Not only that, the director did a poor job of directing the actors; the acting seemed too melodramatic and unrealistic. This movie only appealed to die-hard fans of the Twilight book series, thus did not to the newly fans. I would much rather see Harry Potter; it includes so many of the elements that was not found in the movie Twilight. I definitely do not recommend watching this movie. I say, rent the Harry Potter movie series that is already out on DVD and catch up on all the fun that you've already missed out on.

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 3 readers.
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