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Snow! Snow! Snow!: Snow sale in Northern Ontario, Canada--first ten tons free.
Posted by glowin, Dec 25, 2008. 1928 views. ID = 2161

Snow! Snow! Snow!

Posted by glowin, Dec 25, 2008. 1928 views. ID = 2161
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Enough already! Snowflakes with or without brains be gone.
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Snowflakes are definitely brainless. If they did have grey matter, they would realize that Northern Ontario deserves a better winter than we have had so far. I have nightmares about the driveway every night, and sure enough, before I can get out to work, the driveway will have to be shoveled out. Doesn't matter if I stayed up until the wee hours to shovel snow, the plow takes a freakish delight in nudging my way as it passes, and I have another three foot high ridge to remove. Which reminds me, maybe you want to do a writing prompt on how a plow-driver's brain operates. I know they are only doing their job, but I have actually seen them smile as they ruin a perfectly good shoveling job on driveways.

It may be my own fault, all this snow. I prayed and prayed for snow so I could go cross country skiing in early November. It has not stopped since those heartfelt pleas. I know now how a person might go a little nutty at the North Pole, all that white. That's us. We have always had white Christmases, but never snow on a daily and nightly basis. Things have changed. Mother Nature has it in for us. It is much like the movie Day After Tomorrow, where weather extremes are the norm. It's here and it is real. Global warming? Maybe.

So as far as snowflakes with brains? If they do have brains, they have a gadget stuck, a 'snowstat' out of order, and need brain surgery. Enough with the snow! Merry Christmas, by the way!

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
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