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Ceres: Drama
Posted by MJRobinson, Dec 18, 2008. 825 views. ID = 2130


Posted by MJRobinson, Dec 18, 2008. 825 views. ID = 2130
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Ceres sat staring out through the large glass exit door in a West Village Amy’s Bread. Gusts of bitter cold winds pushed and rustled sheets of water down the street. It was cold and it seemed to be colder than any winter she had experienced. Any person she encountered could gather this much. Ceres scurried to the bakery that morning in a puffy and outdated coat circa 1998. With a thick scarf wrapped once around her neck and once around her face, Ceres attempted to brave her first New York winter – one would think.
Sitting next to her was Thai. The person she would be working for today. Although Ceres hardly knew anything about Thai, she seemed to respect her. She admired that strong commanding way about Thai. Too bad, Ceres wouldn't know her for long.
“Ceres, you ready to go?” said Thai. “Ceres. What kind of name is that anyway?” Thai said.
A question she heard often.
“My mom thought she was being creative and decided to name me after a Roman goddess,” Ceres responded.
“What’s Ceres in charge of? Or, what’s her m.o.?”
“Corn. She’s the corn goddess. She’s like the eternal mother ... a care giver. She's a giver.”
“Sounds like your mother should have that name instead of you.”
“Oh no,. She was more of a Venus.”
Thai chuckled as she jumped from the table to throw away their trash. They have business to take care of.
“Okay. My apartment is a ways from here. It’s over on St. Mark’s Place.”
“Where’s that?”
“You need to get a map and study, little girl. It’s about 4 avenues east and a couple streets south. I understand that this is your first time moving stuff around. But, there’s no way you can do this job well without knowing the city. You’re lucky this deal isn’t too hard to locate.”
“Are we walking?”
“Another thing for you to get used to.”
Ceres hated the condescension. They’re always like that, Ceres thought. Truth is: this is not the first time Ceres has "moved stuff" around. But, just like any other job, it is critical that Ceres not let on.

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This post has been awarded 12 stars by 3 readers.

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