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Beyond the Paranormal: Chapter 3: A Friend in Need...(pt. 2): more fighting, lol
Posted by The Purple Power, Dec 11, 2008. 1599 views. ID = 2102

Beyond the Paranormal: Chapter 3: A Friend in Need...(pt. 2)

Posted by The Purple Power, Dec 11, 2008. 1599 views. ID = 2102
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alright, i hope three posts is an accepted apology... :)
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This post is Part 8 of a writing series titled Beyond the Paranormal.

Luke was slowing vanishing, by now he had realized that he was dreaming. He also knew that his dreams were somehow associated with reality, like a psychic power. He had pleaded with the purple warrior to let him stay and help him, but this purple warrior was helpless. He couldn’t do anything, he mumbled something about unlocking your true emotions and then he left…
Luke sat up. It was dark out. He had slept all day, Kais must have rescued him otherwise the others would’ve found him and taken him to Zach. He was thinking about the battle when he wondered. I had a dream, didn’t I? He was curious as to why he didn’t recall it very well. He knew he had one, he just did not remember what it was; like a long lost memory or something similar to that.
He stood up and stretched. If Kais had rescued him, where was he? Luke was very suspicious of Kais at this point. He had decided to train Luke on a whim, and now he rescues him and leaves him hanging? It didn’t add up, was he hiding something, or he was killed. Luke was baffled, but he made up his mind not to worry about it right then. Some practice would do him good, especially with that new power.
Now that Luke was up and about more and more details of the battle came into perspective. Then he remembered how easily he had used his strength without calling out the attack. He concluded that it was probably his focus and practice that caused this improvement of his skill. However, it was still a wise choice to practice.
Luke powered up. It was always cool for Luke to morph into a hero, he thought of himself as a different person when he powered up. He had always admired heroes as a child, but no real heroes had ever come to his town. He had always thought that they didn’t care about his town or it’s problems. Mark had said that real heroes didn’t exist, if he didn’t see something he wouldn’t believe in it, simple as that.
While thinking all this, Luke had been practicing using his strength and speed without calling out the attack. He had even used one or two ‘Spirit Sifter’s’ without declaring the move, but one thing puzzled him: he couldn’t remember how to use that move he’d used to defeat Fred before he had collapsed to the ground.
After about an hour of training a siren sounded. Luke wasn’t entirely sure what to do and without Kais there to direct him it seemed impossible. This was bad, someone may be attacking the city, and Luke had no idea what to do…!

* * * * * *

Fred was bouncing off walls. He was just barely dodging some of Zach’s simplest maneuvers. He knew that he would not survive unless he was to leave the battle mortally wounded. Especially with that demon armor that Zach wore, it was spiked and made of enchanted stone placed block by block for flexibility. Every time Zach struck Fred with it soot flung into the air, this limited Fred because every time he would throw a fireball it would ignite the soot and hurt him just a bit, but just enough to matter.
“I told you I would show you true spirit-power.” Zach started, halting his attacks momentarily. “Enough of this dilly-dallying. Try and handle this move!” Zach posed in a fighter’s stance and a ball of dark energy formed on his chest. It was a small sphere, but it was very dense and weighted down with a massive amount of dark energy. The worst part was, Zach hardly seemed affected from being drained of so much power. Fred knew he was screwed. In all his life as a super-hero he had never seen such a move. This was truly bad.
“Dark Wave!” Zach said. A dark flame covered his arm as he swung it at Fred. Fred dodged the punch easily, but as he spun around to face his opponent a wave of darkness flung him into the wall. It didn’t stop there; Fred was glued to the wall by the darkness as it began to seep into his body and his spirit. It was trying to control him!
“Firewall,” moaned Fred, he was barely able to speak but was conscious enough to see a wall of fire hit Zach back a few steps. This freed Fred of the dark grasp by which he had been temporarily immobilized and he fell to the ground. Fred got up slowly, with all the power he’d used it was a miracle that he had the strength to stand. His anger was still strong and his human adrenaline empowered his spirit to a new level.
“Phoenix Strike!” Called Fred with renewed strength. He burst into flames once more and drained all of his strength landing several powerful blows to Zach. Then, after his strength had completely left him, his flame dissipated. He fell to his knees; he wanted to fight on but was far too weak to move. So he just laid there, a lifeless heap, determined to win no matter what.
“I admire your determination,” said Zach, removing his helmet, “I’m proud to be your trainer.”
“How can you train me,” declared Fred with rekindled vigor. “All I’ve seen you do is hide behind something, be it armor, demons, or a spirit-human. Show me your power, not someone else’s skill or power, but yours. Show me what you can do.” Zach paused and analyzed Fred’s confidence of that statement. After a brief moment of thought Zach decided that it wasn’t worth the effort to demonstrate his power to a feeble pathetic excuse of a spirit-human.
Zach then turned and walked out of the training room an emotionless expression plastered on his face. Fred exploded annihilating half of the room with him. He charged out the door looking for Zach and charged him with a powerful fire maneuver.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
This post is Part 8 of a writing series titled Beyond the Paranormal.

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