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Beyond the Paranormal End of Chapter 2: Luke kicks some butt...
Posted by The Purple Power, Dec 11, 2008. 1458 views. ID = 2100

Beyond the Paranormal End of Chapter 2

Posted by The Purple Power, Dec 11, 2008. 1458 views. ID = 2100
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SORRY! I haven't been on in like...half a year!!! Anyway, sorry again, and here's the next part...
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This post is Part 6 of a writing series titled Beyond the Paranormal.

The city was in dire straits when ‘The Purple Power’ arrived. People were running everywhere and screaming. Although there wasn’t much to scream about, as far as Luke could tell the other spirit-humans weren’t even there yet. A mumble came from Luke’s utility belt amidst the screams. The communicator! He fished it out as quick as he could and put it in his ear.
“Say again,” said Luke.
“I said the spirit-humans are invisible,” Luke heard some electrical zapping and a painful cry from Kais, Kais moaned, ”Just keep the innocent people safe…oh! Don’t forget about you’re telekinetic ability!” Of course! How could Luke forget about that?
“Ahhhh!” Came a scream from a huddled group of people, a piece of an office building about to crush them. Luke used his telekinetic power, because he had just thought about it, and tossed the piece of brick aside from twenty feet away.
“Well, well, well, what do we have here?” Luke whirled around to face the group of his former buddies. “You seem to be quite the potential boy, don’t you…? You’re spirit may be strong but your flesh is weak!” Fred declared.
“Head for shelter,” he shouted to the innocent bystanders. He readied himself for battle trying to remember all of his powers, so he could be ready for any attack they could throw at him. He immediately telekinetically threw a massive piece of tar at the group.
“Lava Shield!” Fred cried. He thrust his fist into the ground and a massive semi-sphere of lava from the ground to about eight feet above the ground formed around him. It was dome-shaped and the lava only made up the covering part, this was to assure Fred’s safety. It did protect him. However, when that piece of tar hit Fred’s shield, all of it melted on contact, with the exception of a few pieces that flew off to the side.
The only defect with this shield was that it only worked as long as Fred had his hand in the ground. The only flaw with his attack was that it feed off of Fred’s energy and kept the shield at full strength. As long as his hand was in the ground, his shield wouldn’t break.
The other spirit-humans didn’t have any shields however, so they flew out of the way. Luke had his hands full; they had trained all day while he had slept in. He decided it was best to split them up and then defeat them one by one. He started with Mike, the most headstrong of the spirit-humans. He began to taunt him, not a smart move but it worked.
“Hey, Mike, remember our last fight…” Luke paused giving an evil grin, glaring with a look that bore into Mike’s spirit. Somehow, the harder he looked the deeper into Mike he could see, almost as though he could read his mind.
“Yes I remember,” said Mike never taking his eyes off of Luke. Luke snapped back to attention and decided that he should probably finish his sentence.
“I was stronger than you if you remember correctly…” started Luke. The next thing Mike knew he was bonding with the roof tiles of a nearby office building. Luke was surprised at his strength because he had not called out ‘Spirit Strength’ to exert such a powerful blow. He turned and slammed Ted in the gut rendering him helpless.
How does he do that? Ryan thought to himself, how is he telekinetic? Slowly Ryan began to realize that it was Luke’s human trait, his focus, combined with his spirit power creating a spirit-human power: telekinesis. He wondered if maybe he had a similar ability…
Luke was in a fight with Nicolæ and he kept missing. Every time Luke lunged to take him out, Nicolæ would swiftly dodge it; this was a result of a half-human half-spirit power. Nicolæ had accidentally used his spirit-human power!
Luke was lunging every conceivable way trying to hit Nicolæ. He punched in every direction, and then he stopped. He looked around and searched inside himself for a new power, but instead of that he got an idea…
“Vorpal Bomb!” Luke cried this time holding out both hands to absorb energy. He held out his hands on both sides of him and began to spin around, this way no matter where Nicolæ was he would be slightly drained, enough to matter anyway. Luke turned to face his opponent, put his fists together, and released the power he had absorbed. A sonic boom rang out and a ‘sonic pulse’ shot out. It sent Nicolæ flying hundreds of feet backward, slowly plummeting, until he crashed into the ground: unconscious.
“Ahhhh!” Luke cried out in pain. Someone was attacking his mind; he turned around to see Ryan with his hands on his temples. His eyes were glowing blue and he was in a spirit trance. He was trying with every ounce of strength he had to take control of Luke, but Luke was more resilient than Ryan had predicted. Luke lunged at Ryan, only to have his own body betray him. His hands were forced behind his back where they could do little harm.
Luke pushed himself hard to regain control, draining most of his spirit energy in the process. He kept fighting and after about fifteen minutes of resisting control, he won. Ryan returned to his human state only to fall to the ground unconscious. That only left Fred, the enemy with the invincible shield.
Luke used his telekinesis to pick up a chunk of a destroyed building. He began bashing it as hard as he could against the incinerating heat of the lava shield. It didn’t do much good, almost all of it was incinerated but a tiny amount of soot managed to rain in through the shield, but it did little harm.
By now, Fred was a little drained from using his lava shield. He decided it was time to join the fray, although it wasn’t much of one, so he pulled his hand out of the ground and readied himself to fight. Luke took advantage of his momentarily weakened shield and hurled another two lumps of tar at it. The first hit the gushing lava weakening the shield but doing little damage to Fred. The second, however, Luke threw with all his telekinetic strength, and a section of the tar broke through the lava barrier and crashed into Fred’s right arm. By now the shield had dissipated to almost nothing and Fred had recharged and was ready to fight.
“Ring of Fire!” Fred cried. He flew up into the air, removed a ring with a ruby from his finger, and put a fist around it. He thrust that hand forward and a spiraling line of fire shot out in Luke’s direction. Luke had just seconds to react, but that was enough.
“Spirit Sifter!” Luke cried, turning intangible as he did so. He rocketed at Fred and not a second he would pass through Fred he became tangible. With a powerful blow Fred flipped backward a few times but he seemed generally unaffected by the blow.
“You bore me boy,” Fred said, aggravating Luke, “Now I will show you my spirit-human power.” Fred glared at Luke anxious to see his response, but Luke just glared right back as though he had a secret of his own.
“You don’t scare me, hothead!” Said Luke defiantly.
“Phoenix Strike!” Fred screamed. Suddenly, he burst into flames, every part of him, and he grew flaming wings. Luke, although momentarily petrified, decided that he should probably counter in some way. Fred shot like a bullet towards Luke, giving Luke no time to react, all he could do was wince. Fred’s inflamed body engulfed Luke completely. Luke fell to the ground, ablaze, he landed softly on his feet, but his body was badly hurt. He was weak, but his rage gave him newfound strength and power. Fred looked at his weakened foe and floated down to his level. Luke’s head was hunched over Fred thought he was sobbing. Luke looked up, his eyes were nothing but glowing purple light, he was in a spirit trance.
“Purple Strike!” Luke screamed, his anger bursting out as though he were a fountain. He clenched his hands into fists and perfect purple spheres of light encompassed them. He thrust them at the still enflamed Fred and two purple lasers shot out one from each fist. They nailed Fred and sent him flying into the air, about five seconds later he crashed into the ground. Luke fell to the ground barely clinging to consciousness, smiling. He had won.

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This post has been awarded 4 stars by 1 reader.
This post is Part 6 of a writing series titled Beyond the Paranormal. The next part of this series can be found here: Beyond the Paranormal: Chapter 3: A Friend in Need...(pt. 1).

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