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Anapestic Christmas: a writing prompt poem
Posted by lostcerebellum, Dec 10, 2008. 2390 views. ID = 2095

Anapestic Christmas

Posted by lostcerebellum, Dec 10, 2008. 2390 views. ID = 2095
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just for fun
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Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house
Everybody was writing, except for my spouse.
Though that may sound impressive, it’s not, for you see,
All our kids have moved out, leaving just her and me.
I’ve been pounding the keyboard for hours without rest,
In an effort to pen this in pure anapest.
There are times things don’t turn out the way we had planned,
But it seems that my wife doesn’t quite understand.
She incessantly bugs me as I try to write,
“Are you planning to get one more thing done tonight?”
“Though it is time consuming,” at last I declare,
“Every word must be placed with the utmost of care.”
“Well, I’m sure you work hard not to make a mistake,
But I really think you ought to give it a break.
We have presents to wrap, and there’s food to prepare.
There are things you could do besides just sitting there.”
“It’s a type of a poem Doug told us to write
About Christmas. I hope to get finished tonight.”
“Then I think that you’re wasting your time. Don’t you know
That the prompt for that writing was two weeks ago.”

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This post has been awarded 44 stars by 11 readers.
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Josiah T.
Dec 10, 2008
ROFL!! That's great!! :-D
   ~Posted by Josiah T., Dec 10, 2008

Dec 12, 2008
This was great!! I love your parting line-that would totally be me (behind the times, always)...Well done. :)

   ~Posted by Staci, Dec 12, 2008

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