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catch me if you can: a run
Posted by Candyman, Nov 12, 2008. 867 views. ID = 2002

catch me if you can

Posted by Candyman, Nov 12, 2008. 867 views. ID = 2002
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The ocean waves crashed against the rock wall of the cliffs. Rain seems to
be suspended in mid air. The breeze is cold and all around you there is
wetness. Yet I have never felt more alive. Everything around me is alive.
The trees up on the top of the cliff, the grass, the moss on the rocks and
the water floating in the air. I inhale deeply filling my lungs with the
crisp wet air. My feet pounding on the rocks as I concentrate to keep my
balance. We run hard and as fast as one can run across the slippery rocks.
The waves send a spay far enough to reach us in a mist at times and it feels
rejuvenating. My lungs scream for more of that salty air and I attempt to
keep my breathing long and deep. Ahead of me the other scramblers stumble
and catch themselves never losing their pace. Our legs wet and dirty from
the sand kicked up, our shirts sticking to our bodies from equal portions
of sweat, sea spray and mist. What a wonderful morning to be running!
My foot slips back and my shin comes down on the hard rock. I hop once or
twice as I feel the sting, yet never losing my pace. I can feel the warm
blood making a slow drip down my shin mixing with sweat and sea spray. The
girl in front of me loses her balance and my hand comes out just in time to
catch her fall. We slow just a bit but then pick it back up as she rights
herself. Our destination is still nowhere in sight.
Slow and steady I can feel the burn in my calves growing. My lungs aching
for more air. I smile and wipe a salty drip from my brow before it gets in
my eyes. I follow the group up and down the rocky bed at the base of the
sea cliff. I have no idea how much longer and I have no idea how much
distance we have gained. My friend Steve is well ahead of me. I can still
see his shape scrambling over the rocks yet he is pulling away quickly. I
drive forward trying to pick up my pace a bit. My thighs begin to burn now.
My wet shoes feel heavy. A smile crosses my face as I push on.

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This post has been awarded 14 stars by 4 readers.


Nov 13, 2008
Welcome to the site, Candyman! I haven't had a chance to read any of your writing yet, but I wanted to mention, your writing will be easier for people to read if you break it up into paragraphs and put a blank line between each paragraph.
   ~Posted by Douglas, Nov 13, 2008

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