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The Mistake of Love: It was not my intention to fall for her, but fate has a wasy of changing things.
Posted by Loving God the write way, Oct 27, 2008. 1187 views. ID = 1941

The Mistake of Love

Posted by Loving God the write way, Oct 27, 2008. 1187 views. ID = 1941
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I wasn't much of a dancer in my day, but this was one oportunity I was not willing to pass up. For two years I had been racking by brain over a way to finally have Sarah fall into my arms, and at tonight's senior prom, I was going to do just that. It wasn't easy setting up this elaberate game plan. There were many aspects that I had to consider, along with a few consequences. It started about three months ago during math class. I hadn't expected to take the same class as Sarah, but fate has a way of making things easier sometimes. The bell rang for class to begin, and there she was, not two feet away from me. The glow from the overhead lights gleaming off her long brown hair. If I didn't know any better, I woould swear that I was in the presence of an angel. It was in a split second that I had time to slip a note into her bookbag that read; " I love you, signed, your secret admirer." I had always heard that women love mysteries, it was time for me to find out the truth. Over the next few days, I continued to hide these secret love notes in places my precious love was sure to find them.
I remember the day and the hour when I found the courage to arrange a meeting with my elustrious beauty. "Meet me at the mall next to the giant waterfall. I will be wearing a green jacket." That was all it took for fate to take it's course.
I could feel the sweat dripping off my chin as I waited on my future bride. I sat waiting out of view hoping to get on last glace at her before the fear of rejection came true. The suddenly, someone came holding a note in her hand and sat on the bench at the waterfall, but wait, this was not the one I love. How could this be? I had been feeding these notes into the wrong locker! Oh my, what a mistake. All of this time, all of this effort, wasted. Or maybe not. Though my heart belonged to the lovely Sarah, as a true beliver in fate, I took the chance of adavncing toward the once thought of mistake, in hopes that this mishape may be a way of God putting two people together that should have been together in the first place. So in a weary yet sutle mannor, I make my approach. And time told the tale of how two people were brought together by some force other than the intintions that I had from the beggining of the secret love affair that I had with Sarah. And now, as I hold my wife in my arms, I can say that God had a hand in the togetherness of the love of my life, Heather.

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This post has been awarded 22 stars by 5 readers.


Josiah T.
Oct 30, 2008
Hi there! As a hint, it makes your writing easier to read if you put a line break in between paragraphs.

Welcome to the site! :-)
   ~Posted by Josiah T., Oct 30, 2008

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