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Anxiety 101: I still have this dream
Posted by clayman, Oct 25, 2008. 1910 views. ID = 1928

Anxiety 101

Posted by clayman, Oct 25, 2008. 1910 views. ID = 1928
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What is it in most of us that causes this common nightmare?
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"Hey, pal, Summer's over again, eh?
"Yeah, I guess so..."
"What's the matter, dude?"
"I dunno, it just feels like I forgot something - like my class schedule, or something. I mean, it feels like I'm late for 1st period, and I'm not sure what classroom I'm supposed to be in, and I really wanted to start off good this year."
"What are you talking about?"
" I'm not sure, I just feel all this panic and anxiety, like a bad dream, or something..."
"A bad dream?"
"Yeah, like a bad dream."
"Is that why you're in your underwear?"

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This post has been awarded 36 stars by 9 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: School Conversation


Nov 4, 2008
good conversation! Now... are the caractors still in the dream at the end, or is said dreamer in his breifs while talking to his friend?

made me laugh, nice.
   ~Posted by Half-lit, Nov 4, 2008

Nov 4, 2008
Good question. I guess it's about the thin veil between dreams and reality. Sometimes dreams seem more real to me than real life. I guess that's why I like to write. I like "worlds" outside my day-to-day life.
   ~Posted by clayman, Nov 4, 2008

Nov 28, 2008
Haha. I actually have never had that dream. Wish I had, though. I would've woke up laughing. This was funny, though. Made me laugh.
   ~Posted by Hannah, Nov 28, 2008

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