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Alphabet Soup - M: MOM
Posted by Adrecka, Oct 24, 2008. 1302 views. ID = 1925

Alphabet Soup - M

Posted by Adrecka, Oct 24, 2008. 1302 views. ID = 1925
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Umm, its a good old heartfelt one
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Mom, every day your there. Wether i like it or not. Youy help me with things to get through the day. But you worrie to much and you think nothing will be ok, you think that you need to fix everything. But i am telling you, dont worrie i can help and not evey thing needs to be planed ahead, live for the moment not the month. Everthing will work out if you would let it be, leting things take the course to the sun or the sea. The broken clock helps me selp not the one that ticks away cause i know nothing can or will be perfect. Now look what i have said... only bad and not much good.

Listen closely. I love you cause your there for me, no mater what i say. You always have an answer even if its not the right one. You held me and my tears in the worst and best of times. You never let this famliy fall apart no mater how hard it is, to not just turn your back. Your heart is so big, the world can hear it beat. You care for everone and everything, you never try to be something your not. When your sad you cary, when your mad you scream. You never bottle it all inside, like me. I am learning from the best on how to be a good girl.

And when your talking to me one on one, i know that what ever i say you will understand and never be mad at the things i confess to you. I can tell you anything. Oh and dad, i didnt for get you, You held my hand and you taught me to be all i can be plus a lot more but thats for D day.

I sure hope you all look at the good and not the bad, no ones perfect. And mom i dont expect you to be, so nether should you! The best M in the world i could talk about is you.

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This post has been awarded 13 stars by 3 readers.
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Oct 24, 2008
I agree.
   ~Posted by Mathax, Oct 24, 2008

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