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A Blurb For My Story: A brief introduction to "Reminisce"
Posted by End, Oct 20, 2008. 1089 views. ID = 1901

A Blurb For My Story

Posted by End, Oct 20, 2008. 1089 views. ID = 1901
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I've been looking for a site to post some writing I've been doing. As such, I wound up here. There's a story I've been working on that caught in my head unlike any before it, so, I'll be typing up bits to post on here. This is just a blurb about the story. Reading back over it, it doesn't sound that exciting compared to the "actual" story, but hey. It's difficult to explain my vision in a few short paragraphs.
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"This world is ruled by memories. Whenever we depart from this life, what dictates how much impact we left on this Earth? If no one remembers who we were, or what deeds we performed, could anyone prove we even really existed?"

When dealing with regular high school life, one isn't left much time to ponder the mysteries of the universe, particularly when you're Colette Cassidy, and your free time is split between friends, homework, and making sure your accident prone mother doesn't kill herself with a hair-dryer.

When Colette starts having dreams that feel eerily real, her life takes a sudden turn. Not much later, she wishes that the dreams were the end of the weird things happening. When she starts seeing creatures called the Nether who act like pseudo psi-vampires feeding on memories, along with the Hunters who pursue them, she's not sure what to make of it. Why are these forces converging around her, and what part will she play in the story that will unfold?

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 5 readers.

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