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On Having Little Patience: Eh, it's some manner of poem.
Posted by overmortal, Oct 11, 2008. 1516 views. ID = 1876

On Having Little Patience

Posted by overmortal, Oct 11, 2008. 1516 views. ID = 1876
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Things have been a little rough for me here of late, and I've found myself lashing out at people who don't deserve it. So, I figured I'd put my feelings into words and see if that helps me out any.

And, even though there ended up being some manner of meter and rhyme at the end, I wasn't really concerned with either, so excuse the poor form. Poetry isn't art for me; it's catharsis.
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Oh, my patience is short
Like a handle none-too-long
Or a leash that restricts my movement
Oh, my fuse is half-burned
Like the wick of candles used
And I'm desperately wishing for improvement

When my life feels like
An escape from a burning building
How I struggle with my anger and contempt
Everything that sets me blazing
Well, the list, it is amazing
I'm afraid that no by-stander is exempt

How I long for soothing waters
And I wish for mountain air
And a quiet place is simple solitude
Let my thoughts be loosed, unfettered
In a place where no one sees them
Maybe that will help me with my attitude

I don't want to harm my loved ones
But, unprovoked, a lashing may come
I apologize to all now in advance
I am simply in a season
Where I think I've lost all reason
So that all my cool is lost to happenstance

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This post has been awarded 23 stars by 6 readers.

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