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Fibonacci Poems: My thoughts on Fibonacci poems
Posted by lostcerebellum, Oct 9, 2008. 1792 views. ID = 1864

Fibonacci Poems

Posted by lostcerebellum, Oct 9, 2008. 1792 views. ID = 1864
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The term “Fibonacci poem” is an oxymoron.
A Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical formula,
while a poem is an art form.
Fibonacci poetry is the physical world invading the spiritual;
Matter attempting to become the soul;
The mind intruding into the realm of the heart.
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Is not
A poem;
It flows not, nor rhymes—
A graceless thing of growing lines.

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This post has been awarded 24 stars by 6 readers.
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Oct 9, 2008
Didn't You do a really long Fibonacci poem last spring?
   ~Posted by Mathax, Oct 9, 2008

Oct 9, 2008
I can't tell if your comments are intended to be serious or tongue-in-cheek, but I completely disagree. Poetry, like music, is very mathematical in nature, which, I think, is why so many mathematicians are also accomplished artists as well.

As for Fibonacci, the Fibonacci sequence is one of the fundamental cornerstones of the natural world. It was not invented by Fibonacci, but observed by him as it appeared again and again in God's grand creation. One might even say that God built the Fibonacci Sequence into the poetry of the universe. :)
   ~Posted by Douglas, Oct 9, 2008

Oct 10, 2008
Yes Mathax, I did. You must have a good memory
to recall that far back.
   ~Posted by lostcerebellum, Oct 10, 2008

Oct 10, 2008
Oh, I do a lot of stuff tongue-in-cheek, but not without a point.

Mountains are also part of God’s creation. So are trees. But mountains aren't trees, and mathematical sequences aren't poems.

True, poetry is mathematical in nature, which is why I don’t consider what many people call “free verse” to be poetry. It has no meter or rhyme. It’s just prose chopped up into short lines, sometimes referred to as “proetry.”

I’ll give you that Fibonacci is mathematical, but I view Fibonacci to be chopped prose, somewhat in the same class as free verse, which, as Robert Frost said, is like playing tennis with the net down. It’s much easier to play that way; it takes a lot less talent and a lot less effort, but it isn’t tennis either.

Fibonacci poetry has its place though. It gives me an appreciation for other things. For instance, I’ve never been much of a Haiku fan either, but

Looks better
When juxtaposed with
A poem called Fibonacci.

   ~Posted by lostcerebellum, Oct 10, 2008

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