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Stillness: enjoying the stillness of life
Posted by Kalie-j, Oct 7, 2008. 1186 views. ID = 1849


Posted by Kalie-j, Oct 7, 2008. 1186 views. ID = 1849
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It is that time of year again. The holidays are approaching, and people are husttling and busttling about. Feeling like chickens with their heads cut off. But I guess for this time of year they would be turkeys:) I hope you enjoy this post it isnt great just something that popped into my head. That I decided to share
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Take a moment with me. Turn off the tv,music,phone, and any other distractions. Now step outside into the crisp cool fall air for just a moment. Stop don't move. Stand perfectley still.
Can you hear it? The sound of God's glorious creation. The sound of the wind rustling the leaves. THe burds chirping in the trees. Maybe you can even hear yourself breathing.
Now think, how often do you stop and stand still to enjoy God's creation? Just let time pass by while you contempate the vastness of God's power and majesty. To think that He created everything in its intricitness in just six days. Doesn't it just "wow" you. It does me. It blows my mind to think of the extent of God's power. He knows when a sparrow falls to the ground and the number of hairs on everyones head. WOW! talk about a brilliant math wize!
Now stay and enjoy the stillness and quite of God's creation. But don't forget to take some time every once and awhile to enjoy the peace of God's magnifiscent masterpiece.

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This post has been awarded 19 stars by 5 readers.

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