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Java Man: My superhero name is Java Man. It's a long story. Well, not really.
Posted by BatteryAcid, Sep 19, 2008. 2469 views. ID = 1779

Java Man

Posted by BatteryAcid, Sep 19, 2008. 2469 views. ID = 1779
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They call me "Java Man." I know what you're thinking. They call me that because I like coffee.

Or, perhaps, you are a geography buff, and so you think it's because I'm from the island of Java.

Or maybe, if you are techno-nerd, you think it's because that's my programming language of choice.

Actually, it's none of these. I hate coffee, I've never even seen the Pacific Ocean, and I barely know how to turn on my computer.

No, they call me "Java Man" because my brother Larry, who can cause volcanoes to erupt (or not erupt, depending on his mood and the necessities of the situation), is called "Lava Man", and since my name is John, "Java Man" just seemed appropriate.

My super power? Well, I've been working on it for awhile now, and I think I've got it almost perfected. It's actually pretty similar to my brother's. Here, put your coffee cup under this spigot, and I'll show you...

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This post has been awarded 51 stars by 13 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: Super Hero!


Sep 19, 2008
I see what you did there, and I approve.
   ~Posted by overmortal, Sep 19, 2008

Sep 20, 2008
Very fun. Welcome to the site. I'm adding this to the featured gallery so more people will find your writing. I look forward to seeing what else you write!
   ~Posted by Douglas, Sep 20, 2008

Oct 30, 2008
wonderfully fun and witty. Great write.

   ~Posted by Half-lit, Oct 30, 2008

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