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The Amsterdam Avenger: A farcical fantasy
Posted by clayman, Sep 1, 2008. 1777 views. ID = 1667

The Amsterdam Avenger

Posted by clayman, Sep 1, 2008. 1777 views. ID = 1667
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Being a American living In Holland, I'm sometimes embarassed by my compatriots' stereotypical tourist behavior
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When driving here in Holland, I always try to keep my cool,
And I strive to find a kindly thought for those who act the fool.

I'm patient when the bike unseen comes sailing through my path,
I'm careful not to let the reckless cabbies stir my wrath.

When soccer balls and future champs surprise me in the street,
I just give out a friendly honk and wave to the elite.

But when I see the stoners from the States stumbling around,
I do my best to jump the curb and I promptly run them down...

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This post has been awarded 28 stars by 7 readers.


Sep 1, 2008
I wish there were better edit functions available on this site.
I just realized I misspelled the word "embarrassed".
Now, I'm embarrassed...
   ~Posted by clayman, Sep 1, 2008

Sep 1, 2008
Douglas, somehow your comment didn't seem to show up yet, but thanks for the advice (maybe I shoulda read the "Help" page...).
   ~Posted by clayman, Sep 1, 2008

Dec 28, 2008
Oooh, what makes me mad is when someone goes to a foreign country and orders something like in a restaurant in that country's language and when they get the wrong thing they freak out. It's not the waiters fault! You said the wrong thing. If you don't know the language well enough, ask for someone who speaks English!

Ok, I'm done ranting... :D

   ~Posted by Hannah, Dec 28, 2008

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