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No more blogging: Job seeking in the near future
Posted by wyrd1, Aug 25, 2008. 1544 views. ID = 1649

No more blogging

Posted by wyrd1, Aug 25, 2008. 1544 views. ID = 1649
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Blogging seems so huge now. Tons of people are jumping in hoping to make it rich. Is anyone burning out on it?
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I am giving up blogging! It seems like everyday someone asks me to write about something they want instead of something that I want to do. I must get 20 emails every day like that.

My life is so public! Everyone knows what I eat, how much I exercise, what my girlfriend likes and hates. It's just too personal.

I got into it because I thought I could make good money and I do OK. I have a decent house and a couple of cars, my baby is going to go to a great college and I get a couple of vacations per year (Read more about my last vacation here)

Far too often I have lunch by myself. Alone on the back porch looking at the lonely mountains.

All I want is a simple Nine to Five with a lunch hour and people to talk to.
Thanks for considering me.

7/2006 - Present - Blogger (Self employed)
5/2004 - 9/2006 - Researcher - US Government

2002 - B.A. Criminology - Eagle Lake Community College
2005 - B.A. Creative Writing - Eagle Lake Community College
2001 - Lake Hewliski High School

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This post has been awarded 9 stars by 3 readers.
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