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La Llama: An interesting encounter with a llama
Posted by Selina K., Aug 12, 2008. 1534 views. ID = 1585

La Llama

Posted by Selina K., Aug 12, 2008. 1534 views. ID = 1585
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Some Spanish was used in this piece
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That llama.

I never learned what was wrong with it but its dull eyes still haunt me from time to time. It isn't a fearful haunting. It just makes me remember that God awful day back at the ranch.

It started early as always. I had to do my chores, though they technically weren't my responsibilities to begin with. I was dropped off at the ranch due to the divorce. They "needed the time to settle things between them." Translation: they wanted a few days with their lovers.

I cleared out the stables, though the stench could annihilate an entire forest. Next, I let the dogs out of their prisons, only to be trampled like an old toy. I followed that by moving on to feed the pigs when in the middle of the pen, I saw a llama standing among the group of Porkies. I stared at it and he stared at me. We were in a battle to see who would flinch first and I was set on winning.

Unfortunately, I lost.

One of the pigs' squeal startled me and it caused all the other ones to submit to insanity. I've never seen anything quite like it. It was literally a mosh pit of curly-tailed porkers. They ran around, slipped on mud, attacked one another, but none of them touched the llama.

That llama...

He just stood still and he stared at me. He was like some charismatic cult leader that remained statuesque while his followers did his chaotic bidding. I wasn't sure when I was dropped in the Twilight Zone but I was sure I had been as I watched the mayhem.

Later that day, I asked the owner of the ranch what had happened. With no plausible answer and no real concern for my question, he just shrugged. "Tio, what do you call something like that?" I muttered as I looked for an understanding to this phenomenon.

"Se llama llama, estupida!*" he burped.

*It's called a llama, stupid!

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This post has been awarded 33 stars by 8 readers.
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Aug 14, 2008
Heh. Nice ending, but I fear many of the readers here aren't going to get it because of the language barrier!
   ~Posted by Douglas, Aug 14, 2008

Aug 15, 2008
It's nice to know there are homonyms in other languages.

¡Je je je! Muy divertido.*

*Ha ha ha! Very amusing.

   ~Posted by Scribbler, Aug 15, 2008

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