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The Tired Old Hen: A tale of hidden beauty
Posted by overmortal, Aug 2, 2008. 1308 views. ID = 1536

The Tired Old Hen

Posted by overmortal, Aug 2, 2008. 1308 views. ID = 1536
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I wrote this poem for a friend who had been feeling rather unspectacular. Sometimes we don't feel special, but, in truth, we are.
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"There's a lot to be said", said the tired old hen
"For a poor old soul like me!"
And I heard her words, and I thought real hard
And I had to disagree
For it's not that there ain't much to be said
And for her I'll say a lot
But it's just that a tired old worn out hen
Is precisely what she's not

So I walked right up to her scratchin' grounds
And I said "How do you do?"
Well, she cocked that one eye up at me
And she asked me "Who are you?"
"Well, you might think I'm a plain old boy
"And to some degree it's true,
"But I've come to tell you something, ma'am,
"That'll turn your brown eyes blue!"

Well, she clucked and clacked, and she had a laugh
And she said "Sir, go ahead."
So I pointed to that castle there
And this is what I said;
"Well, you see that castle, yonder way
"Where the king and queen are fed?
"Well, I've come to tell you, kindly, ma'am
"You belong up there instead!"

"For you see, my dear, you are simply not
"What exactly you do claim
"For I tell the truth, and that is that you
"Are a great and gorgeous dame!"
Then her wings flew up and she squawked about
Saying such things were not truth
Even though, deep down, she admitted then
That she'd wished them from her youth

So I took her by the wing and said
"Let us ask the Farmer now
"What exactly it is that you are,
"When you came to here, and how!"
So it came to pass, with a quickened pace
That we sought Him out that day
And when Him we found, us He did astound
By the words He spoke our way!

"Ho! King and Queen! How came you here?
"To this place so far from home?
"Tell me how you're not in the castle there;
"Tell me now just why you roam!"
And the old hen's eyes, startled with surprise
And they quickly changed their hue
She no longer was that tired old hen
But a queen with eyes of blue!

And I laughed out loud, underneath my crown
As the Farmer carried on
"I've been list'nin' to your clucked out prayers
"Ev'ry dusk and ev'ry dawn.
"For a queen you are, as you've always been,
"And a hen you never were,
"But you had to hear the words from me
"And I tell you now, for sure!"

So the cherished queen, with her hand in mine
Was escorted to her throne
And upon her head was a jeweled crown
And the king, he was her own
So I said to her, "See? You're no old hen
"Meant to scratch and peck and cawl
"You're the cherished queen, just as you have dreamed!
"You are lovely, after all!"

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This post has been awarded 20 stars by 5 readers.


Aug 3, 2008
Nicely done, overmortal! And welcome to the site! :)
   ~Posted by Douglas, Aug 3, 2008

Aug 3, 2008
I really like this piece. It's very sweet. Your friend must have been very pleased with it. :-)
   ~Posted by Katie, Aug 3, 2008

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