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Dogs O'Mine: Dogs in my life
Posted by Queen Bee, Jun 18, 2008. 1326 views. ID = 1395

Dogs O'Mine

Posted by Queen Bee, Jun 18, 2008. 1326 views. ID = 1395
This post was written in 17 minutes.
I need to refine this story. So many mixed memories for only fifteen minutes
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My first dog was a collie-shepherd mix named Tammy. She was a pillow for me and my siblings. Her brown eyes looked right at me. When we went to Hawaii for a year, she stayed with friends. We missed her all the time.

Then came Hadji the Border Collie, my 4-H dog who learned to sit, stay, heel, and toss a dog biscuit from his nose into his mouth when I said "Take it!." He was hit by a car. Eli my Golden Retriever was a beautiful, huge lion of a dog. I had to give him away because he got out of the yard and fought with other dogs. Abri the little white terrier was adopted by my Dad when I got married and moved into an apartment that didn't allow dogs.

When I got married, my husband and I bought a white cocker-terrier named Muffy (she came with the name, but I never really liked it). She lived with us as a faithful companion for 13 years. One day she laid down and gave birth to 10 puppies of all different colors and patterns. We kept the one that looked the most like her and named him Doc. He wasn't as smart as Muffy, but he was soft and goofy looking and we all had fun driving around in the old Thunderbird with their moppy heads hanging out the windows and their tongues and ears flopping in the wind. They died within a year of each other.

Then came Sunny the German Shepherd puppy who chewed up my antique rocking chair, among other things, and bumbled over too many baby plants. He had to go. And so did the little Pomeranian/ Chihuahua named Chelan when she ran out in the busy street and got hit. Radar the Yorkie peed on everything, yuck. He had to go too.

Now we have a 9-year old Rottweiler who is the queen of my heart. She recently came down with arthritis, and can hardly get up anymore. She has been like an angel to me. She winks at me. She is a pillow for my boys.

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This post has been awarded 10 stars by 2 readers.
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