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It's him - Un souvenir mémorable: The story will continue next week.
Posted by W. Lady, Jun 13, 2008. 1032 views. ID = 1381

It's him - Un souvenir mémorable

Posted by W. Lady, Jun 13, 2008. 1032 views. ID = 1381
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He and I lived far apart from each other. When I said far, I meant it. We didn't get to see each other often. We managed to talk to each other on the phone most of the days, sharing the life of that day. No matter how busy and stressful we were at work, we found it important to hear the voice of each other. It had always been the primary source of my energy and motivation to everything. I was happy to find myself always smiling at the phone, and to imagine him doing the same.

Few months later, I noticed that he had been upset with work and life. It had lasted for a while. I would love to be next to him to talk and share. It was not easy to share everything on phone calls. I suddenly had an idea. I bumped into few people at my company who deliberately took a plane and made a trip, same day return, to another place for (merely) business meetings. Couldn't I do something similar for something much more important than business meetings to me in my life?

I immediately booked an air ticket online to go to Paris for a weekend. I decided to make it as a surprise. However I found that he had a plan to visit his brother in Strasbourg during that weekend. I needed to stop this from happening. I sent his mother an e-mail. But his mother rarely used e-mails. I made up an excuse and asked him to get his mother to check an e-mail from me, which contained information that interested her. He agreed without noticing anything unusual. In the e-mail, I told his mother my plan of visit and asked her to keep it as a secret, and most importantly to try to prevent him from leaving home that weekend. I was surprised and honoured that his parents were very supportive of this "crazy" idea. Apparently, the entire family (except him) knew about the arrangement. Since then, I had been very careful when talking to him on the phone. Honestly, it was a very difficult task to achieve, especially with someone whom I had always felt relaxed and carefree when talking. I even had to lie that I needed to take Monday (following that weekend) off from work to help a relative on something urgently.

Ten days later, the day arrived. I went to the airport on Friday night. I had no check-in lugguage. I had only a sports sac. He called as usual, but I had to cut him short to prevent him from hearing the announcements at the departure gates. I made it. He didn't discover anything unusual.

I was very happy when boarding on the plane. I had a thought that, among all the passengers on board, it was only me whose trip would be the most meaningful one. It was a 13-hour flight. (Remember when I said far, I meant it.) I hate long-haul flights, but this long-haul flight was quite short in my mind.

I arrived at Charles de Gaulle on early Saturday morning. His parents were already there picking me up. They must have waken up at 4 in the morning. I was very grateful to them. His parents drove me to the building. He and his parents were living on different floors at the same building.

We arrived. I became nervous. I went through his parents' place for a short while. I went up to his floor. He must have been sleeping. It was around 7am. I turned on my cell phone, waiting for network search, and then I was pressing his telephone numbers, figure by figure.."oh my God, I am excited"........

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This post has been awarded 6 stars by 2 readers.

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