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Famous Tales Revisited - The Taking Tree: the giving tree
Posted by ashamed1, May 30, 2008. 1203 views. ID = 1349

Famous Tales Revisited - The Taking Tree

Posted by ashamed1, May 30, 2008. 1203 views. ID = 1349
This post was written in 18 minutes.
i started this story just for fun then realized it kinda of had a religious undertone of repentance in it so i just went with it.
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A little boy, mindlessly playing came across a tree one day. He went over to the strange looking tree and sat down underneath of it. The boy childishly gloated that he was going to eat a plant to the massive tree and began eating the apple his mom had given him to eat. Right as he was about to take a bite a tree branch swooped down and took the apple from him...The boy confused and scared went running home crying to his mommy.
Then the boy who finally got the courage to come back to the tree was now a teenager and came back with his girlfriend. She heard the story of the tree and had to see it. So the boy took her there but first told her to remove her jewelry as this tree liked to take stuff, so she did. Well when they got there, the girl just told the boy he was crazy and it was a normal tree. The boy too was relieved and laughed and stated yeah maybe it was just a stupid tree. So they sat under the tree and began kiss when a tree branch comes swooping down and picks up his girlfriend, never to be seen again.
Now the young boy is a man and is rich, so he puts all of his money in the bank and decides to see the tree once again. Once he gets there he walks up to the tree and foolishly begins mocking it, tell it he has become successful and had much money and there was no way for the tree to get it all. So the man sat down, happy with his defeat of the tree until. A tree branch came down again knocked the man on his face and took his wallet out of the mans pocket, then takes his ATM card out and puts it in the oddly out of place ATM that is in the middle of the forest and takes all of the mans money.
Now no longer a young man, the man comes back wrinkled and poor and beaten, The old man comes back to the tree, but not like he did before, not trying to beat the tree or rub his success in it's face, no the man cried...He said he was sorry for the way he acted and realized this tree really molded him into a great person who was thankful for fortune and goodness. After the man got on his knees and apologized to the tree for the way he had acted, something amazing happened. The tree leaves began to rustle when suddenly out popped his money and out popped his girlfriend and out popped his apple. Realizing the tree had accepted his apology the man took his girl, money and apple and lived happily ever after. That man now keeps that apple in a jar over his fireplace to always remind him how that tree really helped him be a gracious person and how he will never forget, the taking tree.

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This post has been awarded 20 stars by 5 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: Famous Tales Revisited


Nov 23, 2008
That apple is prolly reallly smelly and brown by now;)
I love your story baby.
I remember you telling me about this..
Well the real story anyway hehe.
Yours is much more exciting! lol.
   ~Posted by misssnoots, Nov 23, 2008

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