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It's him: It's an unforgettable trip with him
Posted by W. Lady, May 30, 2008. 1076 views. ID = 1347

It's him

Posted by W. Lady, May 30, 2008. 1076 views. ID = 1347
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It has been a while, but still this lingers in my mind.

That day, he was driving a long long way with me on his right. He was smiling and probably thinking something nice between us. I was smiling on my face and at my heart, looking at the straight, broad and fairly empty highway in front of me. I turned right sometimes to appreciate the lovely nature along the road. I loved to think how lucky I was. Sometimes, I turned left to stare for a few seconds the man I love. He noticed everytime, but he never turned to me. He kept driving cautiously with a wider smile on his face. He would ask why. And I smiled saying with a softer sweet voice, "Rien..." I smiled, responding to myself, "I just can't help."

At the beginning of the drive, we talked a lot about friends, colleagues, rumours at work (as we worked at the same company). After almost 3 hours of driving, we grew more silent. I turned on the CD player for some music. I played song no. 8 of this same CD, came with the song Almaz. The song begins with a lady's voice, sweet, with strength, as if highlighting a sign of power in love - "She only smiles, he only tells her that she's the flowers the wind and spring". I played again and again this song for numerous times, and played slightly louder and louder one time after the other. In the car, with the windows closed off the noise from outside, we were enjoying the melody of the song, tasting its lyrics and message. We took a peep of each other, falling in love with the smiles of each other. I was imagining that I were the "She" in the song, and I was as pure and simple as the song describes "me" to be. At times, we followed and sang shyly together. We were in love.

This is one of our trips that I will never forget.

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.


Jun 4, 2008
Aww, how lovely! :-)
   ~Posted by Katie, Jun 4, 2008

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