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Was it worth it?: This was written for the Mountain Peak prompt.
Posted by reneep31, Oct 8, 2007. 1492 views. ID = 129

Was it worth it?

Posted by reneep31, Oct 8, 2007. 1492 views. ID = 129
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Out of breath, I reach the peak. I walk to the edge to see the view. My head spins, my knees go weak. I take two steps back, then turn and find a seat.

As I look at the path I ask, "Was it worth it?" Should I have slept late and rested instead of enduring this painful, time consuming journey. How much could I have accomplished if I had skipped this adventure?

Then I remember what I saw as I climbed toward the top. The trees, tall and strong, pointing the way. The birds, chattering about the world they see. A glimpse of sky, warm and bright.

Was it worth the pain? Was it worth the time? I turn and look at the view (just not from the edge). The white clouds, the blue sky, the busy road. I take a deep breath and rest. Yes, it was worth all the work and the time it took to reach the summit to enjoy this peace!

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 5 readers.
This post is part of a writing prompt: The Mountain Peak


Oct 8, 2007
I was supposed to do a ten mile hike today (over two mountains), but we canceled because of weather. Reading this makes me wish I was out there anyway... :)
   ~Posted by Douglas, Oct 8, 2007

Nov 4, 2007
I know the feeling! I like the way you expressed it in this piece. The peak is definitely worth it even if you don't get to sleep in :-)
   ~Posted by Laura, Nov 4, 2007

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