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My Favorite Books: The Known World
Posted by reece, Apr 17, 2008. 1267 views. ID = 1145

My Favorite Books

Posted by reece, Apr 17, 2008. 1267 views. ID = 1145
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"The Known World" by Edward P. Jones is a book that I will cherish. I almost forgot what it was about unitl I found it hidden away in a drawyer. It made me understand partially why education is essential in 2008, but yet not appreciated by some of my peers.

The book is incredible. It is dated back in Manchester County of 19th century Virginia. It is about a free black man who owns slaves. Unfortunately, the slaves eventually begin to run away and turn against him. The plots in the story was amazing. I loved the character who had a mental problem. The author made her appealing and realistic. I probably need to go and read the book again to feel the urgency of wanting to know what is about to happen. You know that feeling of not wanting to put the book down and wanting to neglect everything else around you just to get to the end.

Try it and read it, "The Known World" by Edward Jones.

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
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Apr 17, 2008
I once read a book in which a character was a free black man who purchased a slave and wanted to marry her. I thought it was an interesting plot idea, but he was not a major character in the story, and so it didn't get developed very much.
   ~Posted by Douglas, Apr 17, 2008

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