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Posted by Invisible Joe, Apr 14, 2008. 2325 views. ID = 1123


Posted by Invisible Joe, Apr 14, 2008. 2325 views. ID = 1123
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I signed up for physics, but don't ask me why.
I don't like the quizzes, the topics are dry.

The teacher she taught us that physics has laws.
Things act like they ought to, the rules have no flaws.

I raised an objection. I yelled, "That's not true!
There's always exceptions, I'll show one to you!"

I yanked on my laces (just one little tug.)
Awe flooded their faces (I flew off the rug.)

I pulled me around up above in the air,
Then sat myself down again back in my chair.

Well, the teacher, she said, "Something new every day."
Then she went right ahead and she gave me an 'A'.

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This post has been awarded 38 stars by 11 readers.
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Apr 14, 2008
Cute! I wonder if MrPhysics will have anything to say about this...

BTW - should it be "aught", or "ought"?
   ~Posted by Douglas, Apr 14, 2008

Invisible Joe
Apr 14, 2008
I wondered that myself as i was typing it up... but forgot to check before i submitted.
   ~Posted by Invisible Joe, Apr 14, 2008

Josiah T.
Apr 14, 2008
HA!! That's great!!! :-D
   ~Posted by Josiah T., Apr 14, 2008

Apr 14, 2008
If you could have pulled that off in my class and EXPLAINED it, I not only would have given you an A+, I would have nominated you for the Nobel prize in physics! I love it!
   ~Posted by MrPhysics, Apr 14, 2008

Apr 16, 2008
Like in the speed limit. You have to go 45 except if you are an emergency car with an emergency.
   ~Posted by Mathax, Apr 16, 2008

Apr 16, 2008
ROFL!! :-D
   ~Posted by Katie, Apr 16, 2008

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