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Of Quills and Quarrels 5: a continuation
Posted by Sylavash, Apr 13, 2008. 2534 views. ID = 1118

Of Quills and Quarrels 5

Posted by Sylavash, Apr 13, 2008. 2534 views. ID = 1118
This post was written in 3 minutes.
the story continues as the group leaves their prison and sallies forth(I always wanted to use that phrase) They are headed to Emyr, but what lies between them and their goal is mystifying.
This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
This post is Part 5 of a writing series titled Of Quills and Quarrels.

Matthias poked the smoldering embers; Bringing out a lick of flame. Putting a pan of water on to heat and adding some of his special Dwarven drought to the water. As it came up hot, the scent wafted to the sleeping comrades and woke them from their restful slumber.
Sniffing wildly, coming to full wakefulness, Elric made his way to the fire. “Ah! The rejuvenating scent of Dwarven Drought in the morning,” He exclaimed. “I stayed for two summers with the Bark Tree clan, was treated like the son of the Dwarven chief, I was, Ah what great things I learned” Elric explained as he took it upon himself to pour a cup for everyone.

“Elric, this may be stronger then that of the Bark Tree clan especially that which was made for the son of the chieftain, this is more the general’s drought,” Matthias warned. “Sip a little then let it settle, sadly there are no rations, but this should tide us till High sun.”

They all sat and sipped a few minutes, all but Elric who ignoring Matthias’ warning, chugged down the drought. Both the Dwarf and the half orc sipped down the cup of drought cheerfully, though after a few sips, knowing its strength was not truly meant for humans, Jade passed the remainder of her cup to Matthias to finish, giving a silent nod of thanks. Elric quickly stumbled to his feet and started to gather things to take with them. Realizing the truth too late in the dwarfs words Elric swayed and fought for control of his body trying to keep it upright and moving.

Jade, rejuvenated by the drought also started to gather things about camp. Wandering here and there gathering random bits of leather and iron confused her companions who couldn’t figure out what she was doing. Saltar and Matthias decided to leave her to her bidding and went to examine the ransoms. They had no way to take it with them, carrying such things in hand a half days walk would not do. Nor could they leave it here for someone else to take, though it looked as though there were no other choices. They thought to find a way to lock it up better. They went and looked about the camp for something to use. Surveying the area, they discovered what Jade had been doing. Right now, she was sifting hay off what looked to be a cart tipped on its side against the wall. They turned and looked to the pony, and saw what else her hard work had reaped. The pony now standing steady next to the gate, had a halter and harnessed ready for the cart to be attached. Slowly hauling the cart behind her Jade passed through the first gate and took it out through the second, moving carefully not to spook the pony. When she had, it set just outside the gate she turned and came back to them.

“The pony can easily pull the cart, and as I suspected, he is very used to it. This way we can bring the ransoms with us easier.” Jade announced. “If you would like to pack the wagon I will hitch up the pony.”

“We shall bring the ransoms around,” Saltar replied as he turned back to the dungeon.

Jade went back to the pony, and led him over to the cart. When she hooked the harness to it, the pony didn’t flinch, just held steady ready to work, “well boy” Jade whispered “you will get a nice work out today, but I will make sure you get some good oats when we get back to town.” The pony nickered softly.

Saltar and Elric approached the cart with a few sacks of ransoms and supplies. Saltar packed the bags expertly and evenly into the cart. “No wonder, the goblin couldn’t ride this little feller. Not made to be ridden, not when he holds a cart like that” Saltar patted the pony. “I think you deserve a name, I don’t like calling you pony all the time”

“Firenze is the name for him.” Matthias stated.

“Firenze, yes that sounds good”

“We could,” Elric interjected, “take these ransoms to the King of Emyr, he is a good man, and shall be obligated to return these items to their proper families.”

That seems to be a fair solution,” Saltar replied, “we can make our appeal when we get there; surely he may want to know what is going on out here.”

Matthias Nodded, “Shall we head out? Hopefully we shall arrive in Emyr by high sun”

As they set off the sun peeked over the far hill and warmed their backs as they walked towards the Emyr city walls

Treading through the grassland the way was smooth for the group. They expected no trouble and didn’t try to hide, but were wary as they should be, for the lesser populated areas away from the city had little enforcement of laws. They walked west the grass changed from soft grasses, to high, thick hay fields, nearly four foot high in places. At these times, the dwarf was hidden in the grasses, but the keen eye could pick him out treading to the outside near the pony.

Suddenly Saltar stopped. In front of him, he saw a woman walking toward him, but then she disappeared into the taller grass, leaving only a ripple in the hay. “Hold your positions everyone,” Saltar spoke, “We are not alone, anymore.”

By instinct Elric readied his bow, Matthias lifted his great axe and Jade changed hands with her quarter staff. Then all went quiet. Each of them listened … looked… and felt, the field around them…

“2 behind,” Matthias whispered.

Three on the right” Jade slipped in.

“One to the left, and something,” Saltar paused, “Big straight ahead”

“The leader is straight ahead… he is big… and not going to be easy” Elric foreshadowed.

“Leave Firenze, Elric and Saltar left then straight, Jade and I will take the left and back” Matthias directed.

Dropping the lead of the pony Jade slipped right to confront the first of the enemies she knew was there. It seemed to be a lesser Demon, who struck out with his claws, barely missing with his left and scraping across Jade’s shoulder with his right. Jade, seemingly un-phased by his attack slams her Quarter staff into his abdomen. The dretch, stunned and winded from the sudden attack, slunk back into the brush and hid for a respite. As Jade attempted to recover she was attacked on her left by what she perceived was a boy charging at her with a short sword, slightly sidestepping, Jade nearly dodged the attack but receiving a cut across her thigh. Despite or because of the pain she slammed her Staff down upon the boy’s shoulder effectively disarming and dealing a bit of pain. Distraught and unarmed now the boy attempts to grapple Jade, who hits him in his lower back, effectively knocking him unconscious. Jade surveys her enemy, then sure, that he will no longer cause any trouble, but was still alive, turns to help Matthias.

Meanwhile, Matthias had stolen from his position and had snuck up beside his foe. Charging his unaware opponent, Matthias Slams his War axe into the dretch’s leg, breaking it cleanly. Turning the dretch stabs Matthias with his left claw, unable to reach him with his right; he tries to bite Matthias, narrowly missing the dwarf. Matthias taking advantage of his opponent’s lack of mobility knocks the dretch to the ground cutting the back of his other leg. From behind Matthias, the first dretch reappears and rakes his back with his claws. Turning Matthias takes his axe and rams it into the dretch’s side. Seeing this Jade rushes over and whacks the dretch in the head with her Staff. The dretch falls unconscious to the ground.

“None to soon my dear,” Matthias gratified, “I see your combat skill hasn’t weakened since I saw you last, would you mind?” Matthias asked holding out his axe. Jade Smiled, held the head of the axe and spoke a few words and small energy encircled the axe then faded away.

“Another couple back this way,” Jade said turning, disappearing through the brush. Jade ran through the brush listening to the sounds of the enemies, pinpointed as to their location she decided to attack the closer of the two, another dretch; she was beginning to hate them things. Holding her quarter staff in her right hand out stretched forward, she moved forward and charged into the dretch, spearing him at the shoulder and knocking him down to the ground. She steps onto the dretch’s shoulder and pulled her Staff out, then knocked the dretch on the side of the head, knocking him out. The second of the enemies, seemingly a young girl, proceeded to charge at Jade and she barely dodged the blunt of the force but still received a deep cut to the side of her thigh. Matthias rushed out from behind the girl, flanked her and hit his axe into her side. Jade scurried back a step and swung her staff into the girl knocking her unconscious.

“You’re hurt Jade” Matthias motioned to her leg.

“Mere scratches,” Jade replied laying a hand on her leg and chanting something. Small flickers of energy danced from Jade’s hands to her legs. “Yours look a bit worst then mine,” Jade said moving and laying a hand on Matthias’ back, and chanting something, and small bits of energy danced from her hands to his back.

“Mere scratches Jade, let’s catch up with the others” Matthias replied turning to the west.

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This post has been awarded 16 stars by 4 readers.
This post is Part 5 of a writing series titled Of Quills and Quarrels.
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Apr 13, 2008

   ~Posted by Mathax, Apr 13, 2008

Josiah T.
Apr 13, 2008
Just a thought here.... You seem to be switching between past and present tenses when you move to the action sequences.

"It seemed to be a lesser Demon, who struck out with his claws, barely missing with his left and scraping across Jade’s shoulder with his right. Jade, seemingly un-phased by his attack slams her Quarter staff into his abdomen."

I have a hard time keeping myself from doing the same thing. ;-)
   ~Posted by Josiah T., Apr 13, 2008

Apr 13, 2008
I have noted that, I will work on it.
   ~Posted by Sylavash, Apr 13, 2008

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